12 Prayer Points for people in authority (Our Leaders)

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The life of every individual in a nation is impacted by the vest majority
of people in the authority.

For us to enjoy the benefits that our country brings, we must strive to
always pray for the people who has been made to rule over us; in governments,
religions, families, judges, lawyers, business, police officer, executives and
managers those involved in educational leadership, medical practitioners and
hospital administrators. Are they worth praying for? How can we pray for them
for? What are the point we should pray 

Here I listed twelve prayer points with scriptural backup to help you
pray for them. They covert our prayer, without our prayers they will be doomed
and lead us astray.
God is glorified when you pray for your leaders.
That they be God fearing and
recognize that they are accountable to Him for each decision and act.  – Proverbs 9:10
If our leaders will recognize the fact they are will give account to God
on the last day, I think, they will work hard to ensure that they work very

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     1.  Pray For The Children of Syria

That they be honest in financial, tax
and ethical matters – 1 Timothy 6:10, 1 Timothy 6:6-10

You can agree with me that most of the revenue our country, states and
Local Government councils generates are no where to be found as they are either
embezzled are mismanage by our so called leaders. But if every one of us will
devote five minutes each day to pray for them to lead aright, then we will see
are new revolutions in our country.
    3.  That they be granted wisdom,
knowledge and understanding to lead the citizens.  – James 1:5
Wisdom is the ability to discern between good and bad. Our leaders in the
government, religious, family cycle will humble themselves and seek for Divine
wisdom and knowledge, they will go far.
We need to pray for them to be endured with divine wisdom and
understanding in every aspect of their leadership.
       4.    That they seek pastoral care and
counsel when needed. –  Hebrew 13:7
Many leaders work on their own, seek humanly counsel and
neglect the counsel of the Lord. We must pray for our leaders to be humble and
seek a pastoral counsel.
       5.   That they seek and follow godly and
God fearing friends and colleagues. Psalms 1:1-3
The friend you keep determines your future. We must pray for
the leaders to seek friends that will make them successful in their position.
Many leaders are not wise enough to determine the type of friends and
colleagues they will mingle with.

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  6.   That they be generous and have
compassionate hearts for the poor and needy. – 1 Kings 10:33-37

This is one of the major area we will  pray for them. They need to be compassionate
and generous to the people they are leading.
Most of they are there for their selfish interest, only to
satisfy themselves and not the people they are meant to lead and govern.
There is nothing that melts the heart of people more than
 Prayer is the powerful
toll that we must employ to win the heart of our leaders and thereby doing what
they are ought to do to their followers.

     1.  Pray For The Children of Syria
      7.    That they recognize their own inadequacy and
pray and seek the will of God. –  Proverbs
The best teacher we can employ is ourselves. Leaders need to recognize
their inadequacies and make amend on them.
      8.  That they have courage to resist
manipulation, pressure, and the fear of man. – Proverbs 29:25.
A courageous man is a powerful man. Our leaders need our
prayers to be able to resist temptation from the things around them. Most
times, they are manipulated to do against their wish. In a country like our here,
Nigeria, you know that godfatherlism is the order of the day, when some man
some where will sponsor somebody out there to emerge a particular position and
thereafter, manipulate the man to do against the wish of the people who he is
This is the time we will pray for our country. They need the
prayers now more than ever.

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      9.  That they read the Bible and attend
prayer meetings and Bible studies. – Psalms 199:11. Colossians 3:2
How many leaders in the government read the Bible and attend
prayer meetings today?
A leader who made God his foundation will be difficult to manipulate
in life.
                    10.  That they be given godly counsel and
God-fearing advisor. –  Proverbs 24:6
We must pray for our leader so that any counsels that come across them
will be godly. We must pray that God will turn all the counsel of the wicked to
We must also pray that anybody that they choose to be in their cabinet to
be God-fearing; adviser, ministers, commissioners, etc. will be God-fearing.
      11.That they be honest and faithful to spouses
and children. – Malachi 2:15-16
The Bible said in 1 Timothy3:4-5, that a leader must be the
one that rules his house very well, having his children in subjection with all
gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, …)
Let’s start praying for the leaders to be able to know how to
first rule their house. If they are not able to rule their own house, that
means they will not be able to rule the people outside.

     1.  Pray For The Children of Syria
          12.  That they be prepared to give account to Almighty God.  – Hebrews 9:27
This is the most important aspect of
we must not neglect to pray for them.
Let’s remember that every action we take in life, we must give account of
it. Also know that being a leader is not an easy thing especially in political
and religious aspects. In this context, you are leading people from different
background and ethnic groups with people with different view of life. Preying
for our leaders is therefore very important.
In conclusion, the Bible enjoins us to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem
(your Jerusalem is the country you are now): they shall prosper…” Psalms

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