Put Off The Old Man

“That you put off concerning the former
conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful
Given ones life to Jesus is the greatest step
to take to make heaven.
No one can get to heaven outside Jesus,
because He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. John.14:6.
But there is another important step to take
after conversion, and that is, putting off the old man.
And as the year is running out, there is need
to put off the old man, before we enter into the new year.
The old man is the old adamic nature which
Adam and Eve received from Satan during their fall, through their disobedient
to God.

This adamic nature is in every one that is
born of a woman. This nature is the nature of sins.
That is why if you have surrendered your life
to Jesus, you can still be having urge to commit sins, you can still be angry
or tell lies, proud, live in hatred, and unforgiveness, etc.
So if care is not taking you will still bring
that old life into the new life in Christ. And if care is not taking the old
life will prevail over the new life, and can land you in hell at the end of the
And that is why immediately you have
surrendered your life to Jesus you have to start taking steps to put off this
old man called Old adamic nature. But it is not by humans power nor strength. Zechariah 4:6. 

How To
Put it Off:

A. Learn and understand your redemption
rights from the bible. John8:31-32.
B. Use your redemption right that we got by
the cross of Jesus of Calvary, through, suffering and death, and resurrection
of Jesus, to renounce Satan and this sinful nature. II Corinthians.5:17.
C. Always attack the old man in you when ever
it raises its ugly head with these redemption rights. Always Say that, Jesus
had suffered agony on the cross and died for my sins and resurrected the third
day for my justification, therefore, you nature of sin called Adamic nature in
my life, I command you to died by fire in the name of Jesus, and I decree that
the nature of God for holiness and righteousness to possess me now in Jesus
E. Pray always, and ask for Gods power and
grace, to be able to subdue the old adamic nature. Matthew  7:7-8.
F. Always live in the consciousness of who
you are in Christ. If you are truly born again, you need to be conscious of
this, and live your life in it.
G. Read, study, and meditate on the word of
God, and practice it.
H. Attend a good bible believing church that
preaches balance message, where immoral lives are been addressed appropriately,
to be able to live a good moral life.
I. Read relevant books of men of God who have
the message that can connect you to heaven. And listen also to their tapes, CDs
and read their books and right up.etc.
J. Saturate your life with heaven minded
people, and spiritual materials, like heaven centered messages, Movies, or
drama, etc.
The bible says, “He sent His word and
healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.” Psalm.107:20.
The power of Gods word will destroy all the sinful habits in your system that
can leads you to eternal damnation as you give yourself wholly to these things,
in all forms.
K. Renounce and break all old sinful
friendship, and relationship. Boy friends, girl friends, woman or mans friends.
And all the relationship that lure you into sins. Corinthians.6:14-18.
Therefore, as the year is coming to an end ,
put off
Satan, and sinful adamic nature.
And as you determined to do so, I decree the
termination of that old adamic nature in you in Jesus name. Let the nature of
God for holiness and righteousness take possession of your life from this hour
in Jesus name.

Written by : Evangelist Sesan Moses Adasola 

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