The greatest commission to man

Man has a responsible from God which can not be neglected for
any reason if we are going to  please God in our service to him. ‘You are saved to
serve’, people often say. God save you from sins to save others who are living in
In the contest of our study today, God gave man the greatest
of all commission to preach the Word “to every creature” in the “world”
irrespective of colour, language, ethnic group or tribe. 
The greatest commission to man

What guarantees
us divine favour is obedient to the word of God.
scripture said in Mark 16:15; “And he
said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every
We are often
occupied with the mundane things and thereby neglect the essential thing which
is preaching the gospel to mankind.
Friend, you
must give yourself to the Word which is Christ (John 1:1) by spreading the
gospel of  Christ to the dying souls
around you.
The question
I always ask and I will still ask now is;
What effort have
you made you reach out to souls around you by spreading the gospel of

WANTED: Men and Women, Young and Old Apply Now!

Can Christ look at you now you are reading this and said, “well done, thou good and faithful servant”
Matthew 25:21, 23; Luke 19:17?
You must be a doer of the instructions from God before you
can attract blessing from Him.
Moses was a man that God looked on and testified about him
and said; “And Moses verily was  faithful in all his house, as a servant, for
a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after.” Hebrews 3:5.
What you need to accomplish the Will of God is faith and
faithfulness in all that you do for Him and for humanity.  Many a times, we leave the substance and
pursue the shadow, which invariable deduct the little thing we have thereby
leaving us empty. 
The pressure to acquire flashy things and make money by all
means has taken our mind off from the gospel which supposes to be every believer’s
ministry. Even the so called Ministers of the gospel of Christ have deviated
from preaching Christ to their congregation to preaching money and wealth, and
make the church of Christ a seminar hall where we are lectured on how to “get
rich quick” syndrome. May God have mercy on us because our activities on earth
will be judge by God at the last day when every man will appear before God to
present what he has done for the Kingdom of God.
You reading this post, how many people heard the gospel
through you today?
What effort do you make to promote the gospel to the whole
No effort? But you have time to promote your business and
God is looking for honest men and women who will taken the
gospel to nook and corners of our villages, communities, offices and everywhere
we find ourselves.
God will bless you beyond your expectation if you will seize
this opportunity to preach the gospel.
Share this
post to other people,
and let the world hear the gospel through us.


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WANTED: Men and Women, Young and Old Apply Now!

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