Preach the word to the world

“And he said
unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”
Mark 16:15.
You cannot
go until you are send. Christians have the mandate to go and preach the gospel
of salvation to every one in the world. Christ has put his words in our mouth.
 Christ expects us to take his word to every
part of the world with the assurance of being with us everywhere we go and
through any medium we employ to reach to the dying word who are cleaving for
the word of salvation.  In Matthew 28:20,
He commanded and instructs us on what we need to do when we are preaching the
gospel, he said; “Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have
commanded you; and lo. I am with you always even unto the end of the word.

cannot send you and leave you alone. You are with his presence always and need
not be afraid of any challenge that may sprout up on the process.
What does it mean by; “every
Christ did
not expect his disciple to dwell only in Jerusalem after they had received the
promised power but expect the gospel to be preached in every part of the world,
Acts 1:8.
His plan was
that they move out of Jerusalem and enter into other nation like, Africa,
America, Europe, Asia, and other continents of the world and preach the gospel
for the souls that dwell in those continents. But the fact remains that before
you can be able to move out of your location, you must start from where you are
living. Those around you must hear the gospel of salvation from Christ; they
must hear that Christ died for them even in their sinful state of life.
“But God
commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died
for us.” Romans 5:8.
We must make
the world around us hear the words of Christ by preaching the gospel to them.
We must make it a duty that somebody hears the word from us everyday of our
life. You are saved to save others. When you fail to do what is right, you
become a victim to guilt.
It is
interesting to have social medias and internet in general. Its advantage is
amazing. This can be used to interact with people all over the world, Twitter,
Facebook, LikedIn and hundreds and thousands of other social media platforms are
avenue to reach to people in the world and share the gospel with them. It may
interest you to note that there are people your word will bring succor to. Many
people need you to preach to them, they want ‘life’ from you. You cannot stay
indoor and recue the dying souls who are outside seeking for your help. You are
a representative of Christ here on earth. Christ never fail to save souls while
on earth, you are expected to do likewise.
“Let this
mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:5. (Read this 1 )
In this
platform, BelieveAll, the reason behind it, is to reach the world with the
words of Christ and share the Kingdom knowledge to the people who are wallowing
in sin and Christians who have fail to recognize the power of Christ in their
life to be revive through the undiluted word of God shared here. The Holy
Spirit said to me; “Chidera, you can preach the Word of Christ from where you
are to the world.” I questioned with confused voice; “How?”  And the voice said; “You can do this through
online. So that your little voice will be heard all over the world.” I still
asked; “How do I go about it now?” that was when the Holy Spirit said to me,
“Create a small blog and start writing post there, so that people will be
reading it and there will be change in their lives.” Immediately, like Paul the
Apostle said in Galatians 1:16, “To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach
him among the heathen, immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood.” I did
nothing but to believe all that was revealed to me and said; ‘God, I
will do it.’ Now am doing it no matter.
Until you
obey the voice of God, you cannot do his will. When God send you, He empowers
Friends, it
may not be easy but with God by your side, all things are possible. You will
overcome all the hurdles.
those that sow in tears will reap in joy. There are overwhelming joys for those
who do the Will of God. Preaching the Word makes your crown brighter and
Before I
leave my keyboard, I want to tell you that you cannot be a sinner and preach
the gospel. “Can the blind lead the blind?” (Luke 6:39).of cause the answer is,
NO. In capital.
If you have
not accepted Jesus into your life, this is the time to do so. Jesus is waiting
for you, confess him, and accept him today.


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