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TEXTS + VIDEO: Pastor David Ibiyeomie react to herdsmen attacks and 'leadership and evil silence in the palace'

The founder and senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries Church, Pastor David Ibiyeomie in his message titled: "Value base leadership and evil silence in the palace", was heard on viral video blasting the Feral Government of Nigeria for placing more value to the lives of cows than human lives.

According to the man of God, "'It is only in Nigeria that cows are more valuable than human lives"

TEXT + VIDEO: Pastor David Ibiyeomie react to herdsmen attacks and 'leadership and evil silence in the palace'

Below are one of the things he said on the video:

"Do you know why God put you there as a Christian to be in that position? Silence connotes consent. So every believer no matter the position they occupy who is not talking about the evil,  it means, they accepted.

To tell me that you don't agree with the killings and blood-letting going on in this country Nigeria and you are in the palace as a leader, whether as a Christian or not, is simply making a fool and mockery  of yourself.

The killings going on in the middle-belt region and other parts of this country where Christians are killed like chickens must stop. And we say, it must stop.

Christian politicians in the palace who cannot react and resign against the mass slaughtering of Christians in Nigeria should know that they have failed woefully. In the ark of covenant, and should honourably throw- in-towel.

To claim to be fighting corruption and not fight the destruction of lives and properties of people under your custody amount to wickedness.

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When did money become more valuable than the lives of people? How can a man claimed to be pursuing thieves and allow his children to be dying? How many herdsmen and their sponsors have being caught up and be prosecuted?

It is only in Nigeria that cattle, cows are more have value than human beings.  When a leader does not feel pained when the lives of innocent citizens are snatched by some barbaric set of people who called themselves herdsmen, then, we invariably don't have leaders. No where in the world are cows are valued more than human. In which country do you see cows grazing in people's farmland? And some bunch of people are proposing grazing bill. Are they calling you and I fool?

And we have leaders who are Christians. I think they should all resign. They have sold their conscience for their stomach, they have denied the faith. If they cannot stand up for Christians, then they have failed. If you said you are a Christian and cannot raise your voice against these senseless killings. Then please, resign. I repeat, resign because you have failed.

Well to all of you who are politician, you can all lie to outside world and control the media houses  because they are not carrying the stories of what is happening but  the blood of the innocent cannot be silence.

How can the business of selling cows be more important than the lives of Nigerian if their is no religious undertones to it?

It seems to me to believe that the only way to apply for military security in Nigeria is to behave like a cow because once you behave like a cow, they military and government will protect you.

The person of value will not allow his personal interest affect the generality of people thereby causing them unbearable pains and regret. As a politician and power broker, if you refuse to pay attention to the tears of the people, they will soon tear you down.

If you refuse to pay attention to the plight of the people, they will fight you. It is impossible to give meanings  living, without valuable lifestyle. Any politician that sponsors evil and bloodshed lack values for life. All politicians on all levels should have a change of hearts. Don't play politics with people's lives. They are the reason you are occupying that office. Value and cherish the people you are leading if you must make meaning to them."

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Speaking further, the bold clergyman listed things to know about shedding and drinking of innocent blood:

1. It brings great loses instead of gains {Genesis 37:26}

2. Those who shed innocent human blood will have their blood shed by others {Genesis 9:6}

3. The blood of innocent cry out for God's judgement  revenge {Genesis 4:10, 1 Kings 21:19}

4. Shedding innocent human blood can lead to generational torture and destruction {Luke 11:50-51}:
"All the blood that have being shedding in Plateau, in Benue, in everywhere, God will take vengeance in the name of Jesus."

5.  The blood of innocent human being pursue the killer until he or she dies {Ezekiel 35:6}

6. God will require the blood of the murdered Christians from the hand of Christian politicians in authority that refused to react and take actions against the killings because of positions and what they can get from the authority [Genesis 4:8-11]

7. All the Christians in authority today who have refused to react to the evil killings of innocent Christians in the land thinking they will escape being killed because of their position definitely will not go unpunished. [Esther 4:13-14]

"Hear this and hear me well. There is no Christian in authority who will say he does not know what is happening. Raise your voice now and tell them enough is enough. Nigeria must have peace.

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We've being having peace in this country, we've being living together before now. Gowon ruled Nigeria and we came together as one, it is his own State now they are killing people. He was a military officer, if he killed people like this, Nigeria would have been divided, Plateau is where he come from. He, himself said Nigeria should not divide. That is where they are killing people. If he ruled Nigeria the way they are ruling now, Nigeria wouldn't have being one. We have always lived with different religions as one. The way things are going, if they don't stop it, Nigeria will divide. We are prophets. If this thing does not stop, what it will cause, it will be devastated. The earlier they say; 'enough is enough' not political issue, call a spade-a-spade. It is not a party issue, if somebody is bad, tell him, 'Sir, you are bad', this is wrong. Don't pretend even when it is wrong and keep quiet.

All of you in the palace hear me, if you are hearing my voice. It is time to call a spade-a-spade. Yes, no party is bad but when a person is bad, tell him, 'this thing is bad and it is bad', condemn it don't pretend as if you don't know what is happening. They are all seeing it glaring, it is religious agenda, bit I tell you, It will never work in this country."

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