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#HOTRService: Ten Imperatives of Great Leadership. - by Pastor Paul Adefarasin #Quotes

Taking his text from Mathew 20:24-28 (KJV), the metropolitan senior Pastor of House On The Rock, Rock Cathedral, Lekki., Pastor Paul Adefarasin preached on "Ten Imperatives of Great Leadership."

Below are some of the great quotes from the motivational preacher during his message to the Church:

Leadership is to cause to progress, to move along ones way or journey with a destination in mind. Leadership has an inspirational connotation to it. Everything rises and falls on leadership. If your family is going to progress through the first, second and third generations, there has to be someone to take the lead.

The first imperative for leadership is SEEING. A leader must be able to see order in the midst of chaos. A leader is not deterred by circumstances. Circumstances rather provoke leaders to arise. A leader must be a seer, must have the Spirit of prophecy because the Spirit of prophecy sees and declares. The capacity and potential to be a seer is already available to you because you have the same DNA as Christ.

Your salvation gives you the innate abilities to become a seer and a prophet for the Spirit of Jesus is not only a seeing Spirit, but a declaring Spirit - Joel 2:28.

You can't lead yourself or lead people if you don't know what God has invested in you and them. You also need to know how much God is willing to expend on you and them.

The second imperative for great leadership is SACRIFICE. Christianity was built upon the greatest sacrifice - Jesus.
Jesus' entire experience on earth was a sacrifice and any greatness achieved without sacrifice is not true greatness.

If you are going to be consistent, you'll need to make consistent sacrifice. Sacrifice will cost you time, effort and comfort.

It is impossible to develop the grace of leadership without sacrifice.

Whatever you give up, God will give you back even better. The motive is not the reward but to fulfill God's purpose in and through you.

Salvation is given freely but making an impact requires sacrifice. Don't allow the Grace message to lure you into laziness.

Never employ someone who counts the clock. Employ those who are willing to get the job done regardless of what time it takes.

The third imperative for great leadership is SERVICE. Service is always predicated on 'other mindedness'. Christ wasn't thinking about himself when He came to earth. What brought him to earth was mankind.
If you are going to be great, you must be a servant. If you are going to be first among the great, you will have to be a slave to your gift.

A real waiter's concern is to meet the needs of the one he is waiting on. If you are not good at what you do, you cannot offer good service. You need to develop your gift into a skill for without it, you can't lead.

The fourth imperative of great leadership is SIMPLICITY. It is the ability to take complex thoughts and ideas and make them simple. The greatest teachers are those who are able to make the most compound and complex thoughts simple.
You should be able to share the most profound wisdom in simple terms. You can't lead a digital world with an analogue background.

The fifth imperative for great leadership is SOPHISTICATION. Sophistication is developed with time through dedication, experience and exposure.
As a leader, you need to know how to be simple but understand that your role as a leader will cause you to deal with complex issues which requires sophistication.

Leaders don't react, they look beyond the fault to address the need.

The sixth imperative for great leadership is SOLUTIONS. A leader thinks about solving other people's problems.
Until you are solution-oriented as a leader, you are not living. Fulfillment comes from spiritually engaging in the physical needs of others.
Solutions are like water, if you don't open the tap, water does not go out. Create a relationship of association, life is not a one way street.

The seventh imperative for great leadership is SINCERITY. Sincerity must first be personal because it breeds trust.
Sincerity is a necessary factor for great leadership. A sincere person will always admit wrong and confess his faults.

The eight imperative for great leadership is SOUNDNESS. Soundness means you are both a private and public success.
Make the ethic real to your lifestyle before you start publishing and declaring it.

The ninth imperative for great leadership is SUCCESS. Successful people see and know the end before they begin the process. Success is intentional.

Success means nothing if it will not outlast you. Success starts from the end and not the beginning. Successful people can't be stopped because they never relent until they get what they see. If you see it, you won't settle for less!

A leader builds around a purpose not a person. The development of this purpose creates and enables sustenance and longevity. Leaders need to pass on to the next generations not just the benefits of success but also the ingredients of success.

The tenth imperative for great leadership is SIGNIFICANCE. To be significant beyond success, you must have a succession plan. Success shouldn't be your ultimate pursuit, significance should be.

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