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#SMHOSAT21: Factors That Has Helped Us in Ministry - by Pastor David Ibiyeomie

When your help is from God there is no limit. The help of God can be likened to God's grace. Those who play down on God's grace end up in disgrace.

1. Have a big dream from the beginning – Genesis 13:15. Have a picture of your future that you want to feature from scriptures and work towards it.

2. Be focused - Matthew 6:22, 1 Kings 20:39-40. Distractions are side attractions seeking your attention in order to put you in detention.

3. Be a word and prayer addict - Hebrews 4:16, Acts 6:4. Prayer makes you depend on God and clears oppositions. 1 John 5:19.

4. Have faith - Hebrews 11:6, Luke 18:27. Faith is total dependency on God. Faith is resting in the ability of God.When God speaks, your faith is what commits His word to manifest. With God, nothing is impossible; He operates at His level of power but you need to engage your faith - Luke 18:27.

5. Be disciplined - Set boundaries for yourself. Be accountable - 1 Corinthians 9:27. Discipline every aspect of your life from what you hear how you speak, how you spend money etc.

6. Determination and patience - Hebrew 10:36, Galatians 6:9. Never give up Keep saying it do not stop saying it. Genuine effort will only produce with consistency.

7. Be a covenant practitioner - Proverbs 11:24. You must be a consistent tither. You must be a giver if you want to command wealth on the earth. Greedy people do not give. Everyone ha something to give God cherishes a giver. Dedicating your finances to the expansion of God's Kingdom is the foundation for your own expansion.

8. Remain grateful to God - Ungratefulness is a destroyer of destinies. Only the grateful are graceful.

#SMHOSAT21: Factors That Has Helped Us in Ministry - by Pasor David Ibiyeomie
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