Tuesday, 5 December 2017


#SongsOfVictory: Pastor E.A Adeboye's Quotes on The Message: Victory over self - DAY 1

Below are some of the powerful and insightful quotes of the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God on the first day of 2017 of Holy Ghost Congress with theme: Songs of Victory.

Man has many enemies, but the biggest three of all are;
1. Death 1Cor15:26 Hebrews9:27
2. The second enemy is the devil our adversary seeking daily for someone to devour. 1Peter5:8-9
3. Enemy man has is his Own self.

The first and biggest victory of all is victory over your own self.

If you don’t conquer yourself you’re like a city without walls.

God will not give you a temptation beyond what you’re able to handle.

In every temptation God will create a way of escape.

If you buy a car with a money you didn’t earn lawfully you’ll be riding in a moving coffin.

One of the ways the Holy Spirit will help you is that He will warn you of impending danger.

Because Jesus overcame we also can overcome.

Those who stand today stand only because God himself kept us.

If you’re truly born again the seed of God dwells in you and as such you can’t sin. It is not in your gene.

Any blessing that will give you premature death will not come your way in the name of Jesus.

#HGS2017: Pastor E.A Adeboye's Quotes on The Message: Victory over self



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