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Pastor W.F. Kumuyi: Living Righteously In The Presence Of The Judge -2Timothy 4:1-5

Living Righteously In The Presence Of The Judge -2 Timothy 4:1-5

Verse 1 of our text reads, "I charge Thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead . . ."

Apostle Paul gave charge to Timothy (and us today) in the presence of God who is the Judge and who knows all things. He knows the charge given to us, and the challenges we are going through because we got it in His presence. He sees and knows the MOTIVE, MANNER, and METHOD by which we are carrying out the charge.

4:1. God is the Judge who knows everything, who needs no witness before He judges. He knows our thoughts, actions, lifestyle, character, everything, Psalm 139:2; He knows our downsitting and uprising, etc, Jere 23:23-24.

He is unlike the judges of the world who need to allow lawyers to argue back and forth before they pronounce their judgment.

Job 42:2. He judges, evaluates, assesses everything we do, I Sam 2:3b. We are reminding ourselves to always remember that nothing is hid from Him, and that we do everything we do, IN HIS PRESENCE. 

The problem we have in the world is that we don't live in the presence of judges, lawmakers.
Children don't live always in the presence of their parents. They give them charges and release them to go, they are not always with them. If it were possible for our father in the Lord to always be with us in the dining room with our family members, some conversations will not hold, in the car with us, our reactions to rough drivers will be different, and with us in our various offices and places of business, our overall attitude will be different. 

How much more our Heavenly Father who is everywhere at the same time! He sees and knows all things. We should let it settle in our hearts that WE DAILY LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE.

A. THE PRUDENT CONVICTION OF SAINTS AND THEIR WATCHWORD. II Tim 4:1. "I charge thee therefore before God . . ." We are always in the PRESENCE OF GOD. Everything we do, we do before Him. Gen 17:1. God commanded Abraham to walk BEFORE HIM and be perfect. He is saying, "I'm always there, I fill the heavens and the earth".
Job 13:15. Job knew he was always BEFORE GOD, that was why he didn't "curse God and die" as his wife COUNSELED him at the peak of his trials.

II Chro 31:20-21. Hezekiah did well BEFORE THE LORD HIS GOD, all because he was always aware of His presence. 

The secret of faithfulness, devotion, and uprightness is to ALWAYS BE AWARE OF HIS PRESENCE. 

34:27. God saw when King Josiah humbled himself BEFORE HIM.

Luke 1:6. Zechariah and Elizabeth were both righteous BEFORE GOD, walking blamelessly in the ordinances and commandments of God.

Jesus came so that we can be holy and righteous in HIS PRESENCE. We must be aware that He is ALWAYS THERE, looking at the commitment we are making, and how we are carrying it out.

I Thess 3:12-13; Reve 3:2. Jesus reprimanded the Sardis church that their works were not perfect BEFORE GOD. We should also know that He sees the things we indulge in in secret, even with our phones, on the internet, etc. NOTHING ESCAPES THE NOTICE OF GOD, WHETHER WE KNOW IT OR NOT.

Luke 16:15. God is the ever present Judge. He knows our:
Responsibility/Irresponsible acts, etc.

The concern of God is that we, His children live and behave like atheists: as if He doesn't exist! as if He doesn't see! Psalm 44:21, 90:8; Eccle 12:14. God will bring every work into judgment whether it be good or bad.

Dan 2:22. God knows what is done in the darkness.
Rom 2:16. God shall judge the secret of men.



The people of the world don't want sound doctrines, they detest teachers of sound doctrines. They will, therefore find teachers for themselves who would preach sermons that appeal to them. Some preachers change, modify messages to suit their congregation as if God is not aware, whereas, every sermon presentation God knows and hears. He also knows the motive behind every preaching, whether to please Him or to gather crowd. A God-fearing preacher knows that God hears and takes note of every message. 

I Kings 22:4-18. King Ahab heaped to himself false prophets who would tell him messages he wanted to hear. Same for sinners, idol worshippers, compromisers, they always want to hear, "go to Ramoth-gilead and prosper . . ." like Ahab vs 12, but God will help us to be like Micah, who would tell Ahab the truth to his face. We will tell sinners the truth so they repent and turn from their evil ways, Jere 5:31.


Isaiah 5:20-25. Here God is saying instead of working against the truth, we must work along with Him. He stretches out His hand of judgment on those who call evil good, and good evil, who deals in falsehood.
II Cor 11:3. God does not want us to be deceived. 

God is interested in how we preach, rebuke, reprove, exhort, etc. We may feel lonely and alone for the sake of the truth, yet we must endure because God is always with us.

Below are God's charges to us:

1. "Preach the word . . ." II Tim 4:2
Mark 16:15; Luke 9:60. Preaching the gospel is an assignment for all.

2. ". . . be instant in season, out of season . . ." vs 2
That is, we should preach when it is convenient and otherwise. Acts 8:1-4. The apostles kept preaching even at the peak of persecution. Philip who was driven away from Jerusalem still preached in Samaria, vs 5.

3. ". . . reprove, rebuke, . . ." vs 2
We are to rebuke our brethren when they offend us and forgive them. Luke 17:3-4.
Eph 5:11. We are not to have fellowship with any worker of iniquity but to reprove them.

4. " . . . exhort . . . " vs 2
Heb 3:12-13. We are to exhort, counsel the brethren, 10:25; in lowliness, meekness and long-suffering, Eph 4:2.

5. " . . . with all long-suffering and doctrine." vs 2
We should all love and stand by the doctrines. Rom 16:17 we must avoid all those who walk contrary to the doctrine of the word of God.

6. "But watch thou in all things. . ." vs 5
We must be watchful and vigilant, Mark 13:37; Luke 21:34-36.

7. " . . . endure afflictions . . . " vs 5
Mark 13:13. We are to endure challenges, antagonists, difficulty, oppression, for the sake of Christ.

8. " . . . do the work of an Evangelist . . ." vs 5
Luke 19:10. We are to preach the gospel.

9. " . . . make full proof of thy ministry." vs 5
Prove in all things that you are a child of God in the ministry committed into your hands, Gal 6:4-5.

II Cor 13:5. We should examine and prove ourselves to ensure we are still standing firm and upright. We are to win souls and make full proof of our ministry.
We will not be reprobate in Jesus name.

- May God help us to always have the consciousness of His presence.
- May He not take our teacher away from us, may our Pastor, Shepherd be blessed beyond measure, may God's grace uphold him to the end in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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