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4 Reasons Your Church members Change Church

It is no longer a new thing that people change from one Church denomination to the another on weekly bases because of many things or possibly some things they can not tolerate in their church.

4 Reasons Your Church members Change Church

In this post, I will highlight  four possible reasons people change denomination.

1. Neglect by the Church: This is one of the major reasons why your denomination is losing its members on weekly bases. Many churches today do not care about the absence of their members. They don't know why the so called member failed to show up in the Church activities.

This is very bad.

Personally, I have been a victim of this at a point.

The earlier the church wake up the better for them not to lose their members. Most Churches always emphasis on the need of winning souls and bringing new members but have failed in the area of conserving their established members.

2. Abandoned in time of need: Can somebody tell me why I will associate myself in the midst of people who do not care about me or show sympathy?

Churches today do not care about their members anymore. Instead of meeting the need of the members, Pastors are seen motivating the needy to give out the little they had.

I think some laws should be considered by the leaders.

How can you expect a member who have not eaten and have mountains of unmet needs to be regular in the 'stingy assembly' when he/she knows another assembly that can solve that problem at a blink of an eye?

Many people today goes to certain churches not because the church is giving out the real word of God but because they want people who can solve their problem (this will be a post of another day).

I am of the opinion that Church leaderships should map out programs that will carter for the needy in the Church and stop the unnecessary decline of the attendance of weekly bases.

3. Unskilled Preachers: I will not dwell much on this point. Personally, I will never be in a Church where the Pastor do not know his onions on the pulpit.
Some Pastors do not know how to present message to their members.

In fact, a  leader that is unskilled is not worth handling a position in any sector.

Preachers must know the reason they are "elected" into the ministry and try not abuse their office.

4. Unresolved conflict: The leadership of any Church should take this very serious. There is no assembly that does not encounter conflict at one point are the other but the way the said conflict is handled is what matters.

Apostle Paul in his time took time resolving conflict among Churches and members and that made the Church to be formidable in the early age we should also emulate that rather than castigating people even on pulpit.

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