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[ #FathersDay Special] Pastor David Ibiyeomie's Teaching on The Message Titled: THE OUTSTANDING FATHER

Below are some of the powerful quotes of  Pastor David Ibiyeomie on the teaching "THE OUTSTANDING FATHER ".  A father is a male parent who exercise paternal care over others.

[ #FathersDay Special] Pastor David Ibiyeomie's Teaching on The Message Title: THE OUTSTANDING FATHER

- An outstanding father is member of male gender who is distinguished in providing paternal care over others.

- Fathers are spiritual feathers you need to fly higher; they provide the platform for you to succeed.


1. He governs his life and family with God’s Word - Genesis 18:19.

- Everything can change, but God’s Word cannot change. A good father will teach his family God’s Word.

- An outstanding father will make God’s Word the standard for living in his home and life.

2. He establishes and maintains a family altar – 1 Samuel 12:23.

3. An outstanding father must be prayerful; prayer is God’s prescription to keep the devil away from your family.

4. He is a listener – Prov. 20:12. 4. He Love his family – Romans 12:10.

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5. He will teach his children to respect elders and one another – Prov. 22:6.

6. He is protective of his wife and children and selects their friends - prov. 13:20.

7. He is a man of integrity; he tells the truth at all times - Rom. 12:17b, Prov. 11:3.

-There will be no dignity without integrity; every outstanding father must be a man of integrity. He tells the truth, he can be trusted and relied upon

8. He teaches his children to honour God first in all their dealings - Matthew 6:33.

9. He is always accessible and reachable to his family - Jeremiah 33:3.

10. He prays for his family daily - 1 Samuel 12:23.

11. He is concerned and protective about who his children want to marry- 2 Cor. 6:14-18.

12. He is the personal success coach of the family- Prov. 29:17.

13. He is teachable. He takes the counsel of his wife - Prov. 1:5.

14. He is very careful with his choice of words – Prov. 17: 27-28.

15. He forgives his wife and children - Prov. 17:27.

16.  6. He leaves a lasting legacy - Prov. 22:1.

17. He will not permit strife in his home - Pro. 15:1

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