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The Unchanging Ministry And The Miracles Of Christ -John 4:43-54, Matthew 18:20; 28:20, Psalms 102:24-27, Malachi 3:6, James 1:17, Hebrew 13:8.

Pastor Kumuyi's Monday Bible Study Excerpt:

As we come to this Passage, we come face to face with Christ; we see His works of wonders and miracles. Jesus Christ was alive before we came to this world, and He's still alive today and forever more. He has given us the promises.

We come across a noble man in this passage, as this Man came to Jesus Christ, for the healing of his son, he believed in the spoken word of Christ, and everything negative and sickness over his son disappeared. 

The Ministry of Christ is constant, unchangeable and powerful. And because Christ is Eternal, after His ministry here on earth, He went to the Father and seated by the right hand of the Father as we are gathering together for the purpose, He's by our side. 

He says:
 He will never leave us.
He’s always being with us.
He's there in His word.
He's there in His wonder.

He's there in His marvelous manifestation and because God has not Changed, Christ also is the Son of God and He can never change.
* His wonders do not change.
*His might does not change.
* His Authority does not change.
* His Love does not change.

What He has been doing before, He's still doing it today  and because His Nature, His mind and His power does not change, He said, I Am the Lord I Changes not. The promises of God are still value today; His prophesies are still value today because there's no shadow of turning.

We learned from Christ as we see Him at works in this chapter of John, so also in the Presence chapter of your life, Christ is going to work in whatever chapter it is in your life In Jesus Name. Amen.

      1.       The Progress And The Propagation Of His Continuous Work - John 4:43-45.
     Jesus Christ testified that, A Prophet has no honour in His country, and we can see that, Jesus Christ was going from one place to another, preaching the Gospels and working signs and wonders. After two days, He departed thence and went to another place. In this Point, we can see the works of Christ in three perspectives.

      i  . Going on and pursuing His goal:
      John 4:43,47,54, Matthew 4:23,9:35, Luke 4:42-44, John 4:44,.
      There's coming out and going in, in the ministry of Christ.
*   You understand the motion of Christ.
*   You understand the dynamic of Christ.
*   You understand the dynamism of Christ.
*   You understand the progress in the life of Christ.

Christ was going from one place to another place to preach the gospels and to wrought signs and wonders. Jesus Christ has A Goal, He is not idle, He was active and doing something profitable. Jesus Christ was faultless; He was blameless and sinless throughout His 30 years with this people.
He doesn't make any mistake, yet they didn't Honour Him, if He had waited for the praise and recognition of the people/men. He will not have done something, praise or no praised, He was moving on. You're not going to wait for the recognition of men before you move on if you're to be like Christ.

ii. Giving up men's praise and Glory. Matthew 13:54,57, John 5:41,4:45, Philippians 2:5-7.
Jesus Christ understood the nature and the attitude of men. The Saviour was so near to them, and salvation was far from them.

You have to make up your mind not to seek after the praise of men. if you have the purpose, let the mind of Christ be in you. You’re not looking here and there for the praise of men.
iii. Growing in perception like Galileans- John 4:45-52, Acts 1:11;2:1-8

The Galileans received Jesus and they have the growing perception because Christ's message came with heavenly Auction and power.

When the Pharisees saw Jesus and they wanted to arrest Him, but they couldn't because His word came with power.
This Galileans perceived that, Jesus is the Saviour and Lord. They recognized Him and they received The Holy Ghost while others are despised because of their unbelief. But the Galileans has perception.

2. The Power And The Preeminence Of His Confirming Word -John 4:46-50
This Noble man that came to Jesus Christ on behalf of his sick son recognized that, Jesus has power to heal and to do wonders.

i. The prayer of the man (supplication). Matt 15:22, Luke 7:2-4.
This noble man came to Jesus and besought Him, he pleaded to Christ that He would come down to heal his son, he prayed and supplicated, and His son was healed completely.

There was another woman who came to Jesus also and left her child at home. Distance is not a barrier to Jesus.
No matter how critical your case is, the power of God will roll away your problem.
* After hearing of Christ that He healed.
* After hearing of Christ that He forgives.

* After hearing of Christ that He delivered, Sanctified, Baptist with the Holy Ghost and breaks every yoke, we must pray to Him, so that we can get what we need and He answers prayer.

* The purposes Of His miracles. John  4:48,3:2,6:2-4,9:16,10:41,42,20:30,31, Hebrew 2:3,4
Jesus said, except they see the sign and wonders, they will not believe. This means that, Jesus is about to show signs and wonders.

The purpose of the miracles of Christ is to point them to Christ and to know that He's the Saviour. People believed Him because they saw the miracles when they followed Him all about.
The reason why those miracles are performed is so that they may believe.
ii. The pronouncement of our maker.

John 4:50,1:1,2,14,  Matthew 8:8, Psalm 107:20,33:6-9, Isaiah  55:11, Luke 4:32,36,11:45.
Jesus is our Maker, It was through Him that everything were made. He didn't Give anybody water or oil to heal, but He only pronounced Word. He's that word and He's still powerful and mighty today. He speak and it was done.

3. The Purpose Of The Persuasiveness Of His Confirmed Word-John 4:51-54
There is going to be a confirmation of His word in your life and you're not going to cry anymore because you went to Jesus and He turns your life around. Even when this noble man came to Jesus, He thought that His miracles are gradual, but when Jesus Spoke a word, his son was healed completely from fever.

The works of Christ is instantaneous and Get and Go. And this noble man gave his life to Christ because he saw the signs and wonders that Jesus wrought.

Jesus can do all things, just invite Him to do it and allow Him into your life today.


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