Sunday, 14 May 2017

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Pray for Maiduguri Nigeria

Three Suicide Bombers Storm University Of Maiduguri Killing A Security Official

At least four persons died when three suicide bombers hit the city of Maiduguri on Saturday morning, a security source said. 
Pray for  Maiduguri Nigeria

The incidents happened at the Work department of the University of Maiduguri at about 1:06 am on Saturday morning, killing the suicide bombers who strapped IEDs to their bodies. Two university security personnel on duty were also affected, with one killed by the bombers.

"They maneuvered their way into the University premises and wreaked havoc on the University community, " a source said. Two of the suicide bombers were stopped for interrogation by security men at the university as they tried sneaking into the university chapel. 

They detonated their explosives killing one of the security men and injuring the other. A third suicide bomber hiding nearby stormed the chapel a few minutes later, but security sources said he didn't succeed in killing or injuring anyone.

Please continue pray for the North-East part of Nigeria.


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