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May 2017 #WeekofSpiritualEmpowerment: Pastor David Ibiyeomie's Powerful Quotes

Below are some of the powerful and inspiring words  during May 2017 'Week of Spiritual Empowerment'.

May #WeekofSpiritualEmpowerment: Pastor David Ibiyeomie Powerful Quotes

1.  When grace comes on you, it turns impossibilities to possibilities. Grace take over where your strength cannot carry you to.

2.  Grace simply means 'God in the race'; it is the God factor in the race of life.

3. Grace can be defined as divine enablement. Grace is the extra thing that makes an ordinary man extra-ordinary.

4. Grace is God’s hand upon a man. It is what makes great.

5. When grace is at work, every other thing in your hand works.

6. Grace covers errors and colours your little efforts.

7. Grace can only be accessed by the humble.

8. Grace is God helping man.

9. Knowing God's ways makes you cause waves on earth - Exodus 33:12-19.

10. Until you understand the place of Grace, you will be limited in life.

11. Until you understand the place of Grace, you will be limited in life

12. The making of any man in the Kingdom of God is a function of Grace - Ecclesiastes 9:11

13.  Grace is what you lean on when your human strength cannot carry you.

14. Grace has the power to terminate lack.

15. Grace works only when you don't count on your credentials and gifting - James 4:6.

16. The measure of grace you access is a function of the level of your humility.

17.  Grace for faithful stewardship is the divine enablement on a child of God for long, continued and steadfast service.

18. You do not need to be powerful to succeed, you only need to be graceful.

19. Grace will take you to where strength, will, and skills cannot take you.

20. Grace is lost when you stop serving God.

21. The more compassionate you are, the more of God's grace you enjoy.

22. When you use what you have to serve God, He multiplies His grace upon your life.

23. Dedication means to be committed to God and His assignment; it means to be dead to self and alive to God.

24.  If you want your struggles to come to an end, you must be dedicated to God and His assignment.

25.  Not until you are dead to self, you cannot enjoy the Grace of God.

26.  The level of your dedication to kingdom service is what determines the level of God's grace you enjoy.

27.  When your service to God is not sacrificial, it will not be beneficial to you.

28.  Your dedication to God affects your career and success in life – Psalm 92:13 -14.

29. You stand-out in life when you are sold-out to God.

30.  When you pass God’s dedication test, you enjoy His ceaseless Grace.

31.  You cannot give yourself to God wholly and not experience His Grace fully.

32.  Seeking God as a family will never impoverish you.

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