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Friend of a wounded heart!

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.  Psalms 147:3 KJV

Friend of a wounded heart!

Natasha is an intelligent, young, promising and pretty lady.

She does not only possess physical attractiveness or beauty alone; she is a perfect combination of beauty and brain! She has developed a remarkable sound mind over time. You would love to listen and reason with Natasha because of her magnetic aura and the dot of intelligence in her contributions! She is one lady most guys would dream of having as a friend.

But she has got her own share of life’s troubles billowed at her. Though she easily wins friends and influences people around, she lives with a shattered heart. Her glowing smiles and sanguine nature usually covers up the deep-seated hurt within her. The relationship thing isn’t just working for her. In fact, she has almost concluded she isn’t destined to be in love as some people claims to be.

Why? What were the experiences that were gradually reshaping her values? Little Natasha was raped by her beloved uncle at a tender age of twelve. After she underwent therapy, years later, she decided to move on with life. At twenty-two, Donald showed up just after her master’s degree and both of them agreed to date. The time the two lovebirds spent together is always delightsome and fun-filled. Now, all her past hurts would be swallowed up in the ocean of the newly found love.

But unknowingly to her, her many troubles were about to be compounded. After about two years of dating, Natasha was expecting marriage proposal from Donald. “He should propose to me on the occasion of my twenty-fourth birthday”, she said.

But disappointedly, Donald didn’t show up on her birthday. No calls from him either. Instead, she got a text message from him later, calling off their relationship on the ground of incompatibility. She was all in tears.

Her world was going to crumble down. She despair her life to the point of nursing suicide thoughts at the time. Natasha’s already wounded heart was shattered the more when she stumbled at Donald’s wedding invitation barely three months after their break-up. She immediately raced to a decision never to date any guy again. What a world we live in!

This is a narrative experience of a lady with the arbitrary name of Natasha. It might be similar to anyone else experiences. We all have experiences which tend to shape our various outlooks of life either positively or otherwise. Sometimes we make permanent decisions that can distort the future due to a painful experience just like Natasha did.

Also recently, I met a lady on a social media. She narrated the ordeal she went through while growing up. Her supposed father walked away from the house while she was seven and never to return till now she is almost thirty years. As a result of this, she was raised by a single mother.

Though she is a graduate today, it was not easy at all for her. She saw her dad last when she was seven. That singular experience was fast shaping her values. Now she does not believe she can love neither does she trust any guy to love her. At thirty, she is still single and not in any relationship.
The good news is however brutally wounded or shattered your heart is; it can be mended if you permit it. You can live a wholesome life again! One vital aspect of the gospel of Jesus is to bind up the broken-hearted!


1. Forget the past:
You cannot make progress by looking backwards. Agreed that there were painful experiences in your past, but the future is much more promising. Agreed you’ve been through abusive relationships before, but there is yet a promise of heaven-on-earth relationship/marriage for you. You just need to forget the past. Consciously erase the memory of past pains and hurts from your mind.

2.  Reinvent the future:
Reinventing the future entails creating a new world for yourself that is entirely different from past experiences! This is made possible by the choices you make today. Choose to live right. Choose rather to please God and not man. Choose to succeed in your marriage, career, business, etc. despite your past sour experiences or that of others around you.

Also you reinvent the future by getting yourself obsessed with the picture of a great future. See yourself happily married even if your parents aren’t happy in their marriage or divorced. See yourself comfortable in your career or business. Imagine positive things only.

3.  Accept God’s forgiveness:
Aren’t you happy that God does not consult your past to determine your future! God’s promise is that if your sin is red as scarlet, they shall be white as snow. So accept God’s ever available forgiveness for whatever error or sin in your past. The scripture says if we confess, God will forgive. Also forgive yourself of any mistake of the past. Why punish yourself when mercy has prevailed over judgement. Live a new life void of guilt.

4.  Forgive others:
After accepting God’s forgiveness and forgiving yourself, next is to forgive other people that were part of inflicting pain on you. I asked the lady whose dad walked away what she would do if she ran into her dad? Her response was let that time come. But she actually sounded as if it would be impossible to forgive him as she suffered as a result of his absence. But you must decide to forgive everyone that has hurt you. It is only then you can have peace and be happy.

5.  Seek help:
You can’t be bitter and be better. Bitterness embitters any life. You must avoid it like a plague. If forgiving yourself and others remain elusive to you, there is need to seek help. Talk to God about how you feel in prayers. Seek a confidant, either a mentor or pastor to talk to.
I pray healing for every broken hearted!

Written By: MAYOWA AFOLABI is a passionate writer, publisher, speaker, a Teacher of the Word with prophetic impact. Passionate for world outreach, he is desirous of helping others fulfill their destinies in Christ. He is the Director of Cornerstone Gospel + Charity Projects that preaches the gospel with the inclusion of charitable givings. Connect to through Twitter and Facebook.
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