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30 Powerful #Quotes on Prayer

You need to sit and listen to God; the power of prayer is not just in what you tell God but in what God tells you in return. Not seeking God's wisdom to know what to ask for in the place of prayer will hinder answers to your prayers.

Below are powerful quotes on prayer:

1. God wants to do enormous things in your life and He's waiting on you to set a time and place for you to call upon Him.

2.  You have a mighty storehouse in heaven and prayer is the master key.

3. When the righteous earnestly and fervently pray we are assured that our prayers will be answered.

4. Prayer is the system that God has put in place to release to you what God has already given to you.

5. Your blessings are in a spiritual location and prayer is what brings it to the physical.

6. God delights in answering prayers.

7. Prayer is evidence of humility.

8. Prayer is the evidences that we have put our trust, and vested our hope in another that is greater than us.

9. Someone who doesn't pray is confident in their own ability.

10. All we need is connectivity to God and everything He has already bequeathed to us will manifest in our lives.

11. The three dimensions of Prayer are: Asking, Seeking and Knocking. Knocking is different from asking, seeking is different from asking.

12.  Anxiety is a difficult thing that can get into the way of real prayer. If you must have answers to prayers, you must have a way of dealing with anxiety.

13. If you're not a praying person, it indicates that the Word does not abide in you.

14.  Getting prayers answered is not a promise to every Christian but for those who have the Word of God in them.

15. The big key to answered prayers is not to live in worry. Worry can do so much damage to the life of a believer.

16. The greater requirement in prayer, is not the praying, but the believing.

17. Wash yourself in the water of the Word before you go into prayer.

18.  Stop believing He will do it and start believing it's already done. God will not do it for you, it is a finished work!

19. Prayer is not only about making a whole load of noise but being quiet in the confidence that God is with you.

20. You will get answers when you ask God for His will and learn to pray in line with that.

21. Confidence comes from knowing that you've been heard by God, because you are asking according to His will.

22.  Sometimes you don't get answers to prayers because you pray without the help of Holy Spirit

23. When you pray in the spirit, the Holy Spirit makes intercession for you according to the will of God.

24.  Pray in the spirit often, you can be wrong when you pray in your understanding.

25. Prayer is not asking God for things but asking God for Christ. Let Him be your priority.

26. God has blessed you and your blessings are in heavenly places. Prayer is the system that births your blessings to the physical.

27. Prayer is the key that unlocks the store house of what God has already prepared for you in heavenly places.

28. When you focus on your situation instead of the Solution- God, your prayers will be hindered.

29. Praying without believing is another reason for unanswered prayers. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

30. The greater requirement in prayer, is not the praying, but the believing.


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