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Powerful #Quotes on Prayer by Pastor Abiye Daniel David

Revival is the arrival of God in the midst of His people in His Glory but it cannot come if we fail to do the needful; which is working according to the obedience to the Will of God.
Powerful #Quotes on Prayer by Pastor Abiye Daniel David

Teaching during April Week of Supernatural Empowerment, Pastor Abiye Daniel David one of the senior pastor in Salvation Ministries spoke on "THE POWER OF KINGDOM ORIENTED PRAYERS." 

During his teaching, I was able to jot down these powerful quotes on prayer:

1.  Your life will only become meaningful when you become prayerful.

2.  One ounce of prayer is more than 50,000 ounces of tears and analysis.

3.  A prayerful Christian is a powerful Christian.

4.  Kingdom Oriented Prayer is earth licensing heaven to intervene and forcefully advance God's work.

5.  It is giving God no rest as a watchman in Zion until His Church becomes a praise on earth - Isaiah 62:7.

6.  Kingdom Oriented Prayer is advancing your growth through passionate intercession for His Church to grow.

 Enemies of Kingdom Prayers:
1. Obligation Consciousness - James 5;16.
2. Hypocrisy - Matthew 6:2.
3. Comfort - Joshua 13:1.

Reasons to Pray Kingdom Oriented Prayers:
1. It ushers us into the realm of the fullness of God's power & glory.
2. It is the only way to destroy the gates of hell to populate heaven.
3. Easiest way to secure our daily bread - Matthew 6:10
4. To enjoy peace in the face of turbulence - Jeremiah 29:7.
5. To give birth to mega crowd in the Church.

Five Sets of People In The Church:
1. Very religious people.
2. Neutral people.
3. Selfish people.
4. Wicked and devilish people.
5. Kingdom rugged people.


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