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#HOTRService: Powerful #Quotes Of Pastor Paul Adefarasin on The Message Titled 'Before You Prophesy'

Below are some of the powerful quotes of Pastor Paul Adefarasin on the message  'Before You Prophesy' 

#HOTRService: Powerful#Quotes Of Pastor Paul Adefarasin on The Message Titled 'Before You Prophesy'

1.  When God speaks, He deliberately makes things happen by His Word.

2.  When you speak transformation is supposed to happen.

3.  Anytime you are left without communication, you begin to shrivel. When you stop talking to something it will begin to die.

4.  Communication is so powerful and there are times that the absence of communication makes you unsettled.

5.  You words will be like sharp arrows in the hands of an archer.Speak to that THING & there'll be dynamic changes

6.  When words are spoken it causes conception in the womb of that thing which you speak to.

7.  Words are powerful and should not be wasted.

8.  When you are a speaker, there must be contemplation.

9.  You can effect a change if you can speak to a situation or to people effectively.

10. Nothing changes until you speak to it. To speak effectively, you must know your audience.

11.  Speaking should not just be a mode of expression but to promote the necessary change in your environment.

12.  Speaking effectively is by truly connecting and relating with the deepest issues of your audience.

13.   When you begin to speak effectively, you'll receive the ability to transform situations into what God intended for them to be.

14. The power of the shout is in the power of the silence that proceeds it.

15. Too often we miss what God wants to do because we have not sat long enough in His presence.

16.  God wants to speak with you, but you must learn to sit down to hear Him.

17.  You may have something to say but listen first, especially to those who are more experienced than you.
18.  The God of creation had to come down to earth and took on the form of man, in order to be able to speak to and save mankind.

19. 'Peace, be still'- speak these words whenever issues and situations in your life speak contrary to the Word of God.

20. Anything you don't speak to, ceases to live. And you must not speak, until you have thought and meditated.

21. Don't call your situation what it seems or acts like, call it what it is meant to be by the power of your words!

22. Don't call your spouse or children bad names even if they act in the manner. Call them what they are meant to be.

23. If your life is unfulfilled, it's because you are not speaking to it.

24.  Even when the earth was without form and void , God spoke forth light. You must learn to speak to your situation.

25. God has put so much within you. If you speak, all He has placed within you will come forth.

26.  After God sat, He then spoke. Those who speak hastily will never make headway but those who take time to speak, effect change.

27.  Don't call your spouse or children bad names even if they do something bad. Call them what they are meant to be.

28.  Don't call your situation what it looks like, call it what it is meant to be by the power of your words!

29. When there are challenges with anything, speak to it and it has no choice but to change.

30. Before you speak, you MUST first sit down with God. Power comes from sitting in God's presence.

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