Friday, 10 March 2017

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Pastor David Ibiyeomie (#DavidIbiyeomie) #Quotes on Vengeance.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie  (#DavidIbiyeomie) #Quotes on Vengeance.

1. Satan cannot possess you, but can oppress you if you allow him.

2.  Your prosperity must be accompanied with vengeance.

3.  Our God kills and makes alive, according to the scripture above. 1 Samuel 2:6.

4.  God swings into a killing action when we cry to Him. Eccl. 8:11, Luke 18:7-8.

5.  God does not execute judgement, He only confirms the judgement we execute.

6.  God is waiting for you to declare your desires for Him to confirm.

7. Oppression in life, business, career, etc, is an indication of the force of wickedness.

8.  You cannot experience signs and wonders without bold declaration.

9.  You cannot speak boldly without depth of insight

10.  Boldness without depth of insight amounts to a mere talk.

11.  God will not take vengeance against your enemies until you have a personal relationship with Him.

12.  The devil you are afraid to speak against will keep you in captivity.

13.  You need a bold declaration to enjoy vengeance.

14.  Christian cannot be possessed but can be oppressed by the devil.

15. Only vengeance can stop your enemies from tampering with your destiny.

16.  You do not wait for vengeance, you provoke God to do something.

17.  To be victorious in life, you must clear all opposition.

18.  Until judgement is executed, your enemy will not let you go - Exodus 12:12.