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MUST READ: 60 Powerful #Quotes of Pastor David Ibiyeomie on "SEE YOU AT THE TOP"

In life many factors are responsible for some people not moving forward. "The greatest enemy of getting to the top is tradition."

In this post, I took my time to write down sixty (60) powerful quotes from Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the senior pastor and founder of Salvation Ministries from his book titled; "SEE YOU AT THE TOP"

MUST READ: 60 Powerful #Quotes from Pastor David IbiyeOmie on "SEE YOU AT THE TOP"

Enjoy the quotes...

1. When a man chooses mediocrity, it is a proof he resents excellence - Deuteronomy 30:19

2. No one is going to give you a chance to rise to the top, you consciously have to make it happen.

3. The top is available to all but only accessible to all who want to get there.

4. Stop looking at obstacles and start looking at possibilities; avoid negative conversations.

5. Your words show where your heart is.

6.Your attitude is what determines how high you go.

7. You will never get to the top if you keep looking at what is happening; focus on God’s Word.

8. Losers focus on what they are going through but winners focus on where they are going.

9. The atmosphere you create determines the kind of result you get.

10. Avoid having too many alternatives, they distract you from reaching the top.

11. Do not concentrate on your weaknesses; focus on your strengths.

12. The Bible is a book of pictures, it gives you an image of God, His image of you, the image of the devil and his image of you.

13. Your mentality determines your dignity; think and talk right.

14.  You are not worthless, know that you are invaluable; think it, talk it and walk with that mentality.

15. Mediocrity is a prove that you have resentment for excellence.

16. No one will give you room to the top, you must consciously make your way to the top.

17. Your destination in life is a function of your choice today.

18. No one will give you room to the top, you must consciously make your way to the top.

19. To have a voice, you must create a way to get to the top.

20. The company you keep determines what will accompany you.

21. Associate with the people that will inspired you.

22. To get to the top you must associate with people who are better than you or people who think like you.

23.  Friendship is by choice and not by force, choose the friends that will improve your life.

24.  Every friendship will either increase or decrease you.

25. When wrong people leave your life, wrong things stop happening; avoid contentious people

26. To get to the top, never discuss your problems with someone that is incapable of solving it.

27. Love everyone but be friends with only people that will challenge you to improve.
28.  Never have a relationship with someone who does not respect, protect and accept your assignment 

29.  It takes just one wrong association to turn your life upside down; Choose your friends wisely.

30.  When God wants to bless you, He puts a man in your life and when satan wants to destroy you, he also puts a man in your life

31.  You were not created for mediocrity but to be only at the top.

32.  The top is only guaranteed for those who are willing to pay a price.

33.  Life never gives you what you deserve only what you demand. Your demand comes from your reaction towards your situation.

34.  Doing what is required guarantees what is desired (Amos 6:1).

35.  Faith is standing on the integrity of God's word. It is total confidence in God and His word - Numbers 23:19.

36. The truth of faith is in the pursuit of the unseen.

37. Faith is an asset of inestimable value.

38.  Faith is the only way to move the hand of God in your favour.

39.  You must be on the offensive to clear every obstacle to your miracles.

40. Your blessings will not be released to you through gentility.

41. Anything you pamper can tamper with your destiny.

42.  God does not want any of His children to be average; but for us to be at the top only 

43.  Until you put your mind in use, the world will not mind you.

44. Your mind is your greatest asset. (Proverbs 23:7)

45. In life, you gain nothing when you do not use your brain.

46.  Your height in life is directly proportional to your thinking ability.

47.  The depth of your thoughts determine the value of your destiny.

48.  Prayer is not a substitute for thinking; stop waiting for things to change rather think of ways to change things.

49.  No life situation will change without your application of the Law of Reasoning.

50.  God created you and I for the top (Genesis 1:28). 

51. We are to dominate and stand out above all creatures. Deuteronomy 28:1, 13.

52.  The top position in life is a matter of choice, you don’t wish it, you work it out.

53.  Nobody can take you to the top, except you pay the price to be there.

54.  In your adventure to hit the top, you must meet with mockers and scoffers.

55.  Every mockery is an indication you are set for the top.

56.  Every time you desire a miracle from God, you have to shut your ears to mockers and scoffers.

57.  Only those who dare to be different, makes the difference in life.

58. Every man who is at the top did something unconventional.

59.  Be dynamic in your approach to life, if you must be at the top.

60. Nobody gets to the top being fixed. 

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