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Christ Cleansing The Temple And Purifying The Church -John 2:12-25

The post is an excerpt of message of General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi during Monday Bible Study.
Christ Cleansing The Temple And Purifying The Church -John 2:12-25

John 2:12. Our Lord is on the move. After performing the creative and transforming miracle of turning water into wine, He left Cana of Galilee for Capernaum.

Verse 14-16. Jesus got to the temple to find people selling oxen, sheep, doves, as well as changers of money right in the temple. He in that instant drove them out.

We can see the balance in the ministry of Jesus. When the people needed wine in chapter 1 of the book of John, He met the need and when He needed to chastise and rebuke them, He did not waste any moment because He knew they were not seeking the glory of God.

Matthew, Mark and Luke wrote about this incidence only towards the end of the earthly ministry of Jesus. Only John wrote about it twice. That means, Jesus did the cleansing at the beginning of His ministry and then came back at the end of three years to find that the people have relapse into the evil act. He drove them out again. This teaches us that we must continue to rebuke and correct sins. We also learn that sinners without genuine repentance will always be sinners.

Some people would not want to repeat rebukes but when it is about God's glory, we must not relent to repeat the correction.
The church is built for God's glory, not for
Worldly entertainment
Business ventures
Gambling and lottery
Criminal activities
Commercialization of religion
Marketing or fund raising.

Heb 13:8: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus' ministry was consistent. He preached the same thing, acted the same way at all times. If He were to come to our congregation today, He would also require us to be holy as well as keep the house of God holy.
BIBLE STUDY - Christ The Perfect Sacrifice: John 1:14-34

A. The Purifying And The Cleansing Of The Desecrated Temple. John 2:13-17

Three things to look at here:
1. The Misappropriation By The Transgressors.

The Passover of the Jews was originally called the Passover of the Lord: Exodus 12:11, 27; Leviticus 23:5; Numbers 28:16; but somehow the feast was renamed the Passover of the Jews, John 2:13. There will always be errors, that is why we must always correct them. Misappropriation brings transgressions.

2. The Merchandise In His Temple. John 2:14
The sheep, oxen, and doves were stocked for the convenience of worshipers from far. They were initially kept outside the temple, but little by little, they were moved right into the temple with all the noise and rowdiness. Jesus did not spare them, He drove them all out, there was no partiality.
To some, whatever their church leaders do is right, whereas, such leaders could deviate. There are pastors, prophets, prophetesses, etc. who have turned the churches into money making ventures, Revelation 18:11.

BIBLE STUDY - The World's Response To The Witness Of Christ -John. 1:6-14

We have to take our stand, and decide to focus on the worship of God, on pleasing Him and doing His will.
Revelation 18:13. In such places of worship/merchandise is the order of the day, the souls of men mean nothing to them. They are only consumed with the desire to make money.

I Timothy 6:9-10. They that will be rich fall into diverse lusts. The love of money is the root of all evil.
With all that Jesus did in the temple, His disciples did not query Him. So when you see a leader contending for the faith, you will do well to support him.

3. His Ministry of Transformation. John 2:17
Jesus Christ knew the word and the mind of God about how His house should be treated, vs 15-16.
In the Old Testament, the temple must be clean, but today, our bodies are the temples of God, and must also be kept holy.

2 Corinthians 6:16-18. God doesn't want to see anything unclean in us. We come to church to be cleansed, Leviticus 20: 7-8; Psalm 93:5, Rom 6:22; I Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19-20. We are not our own, God owns us.

Ephesians 2:19-22. We are built into an holy temple for God.

READ: Jesus, The Eternal Christ - John 1:1-5

Jesus our Master was zealous of the glory of God, we must also follow His good example, Titus 2:14 by ensuring:

- Our own temple is righteous and holy
- The physical building is kept clean and presentable.

B. The Perplexity And The Confusion Of Misplaced Teachers. John 2:18

The religious leaders of Jesus time could not understand His actions and utterances. He told them to destroy the temple of His body and He would raise it in three days.

1. The Problem With Carnal Reasoning.

The carnal minds cannot understand the things of God, Matthew 12:38-40, 26:59-61, 27:29-40.

2. The Prophecy Of Christ's Resurrection.
Matt 16:21; Mark 9:31; Luke 18:31-33. Jesus repeated this over and over that He would be killed, buried and He would rise up the third day. The Pharisees pretended to not know what Jesus was saying, whereas, they understood, Matt 27:62-64.

The joy and glory of it is that our Saviour rose, He lives, He reigns!

C. The Profession Of Conversion Without A Definite Transformation - John 2:23-25
True faith is preceded by genuine repentance. The people believed but their hearts were not changed, their motives and desires remain the same.

John 12:42-43. We must go beyond just believing, we must seek the glory of God.
Acts 8:18-22. Simon wanted to purchase the gift of God with money because his salvation was not genuine.

Titus 1:16; Rev 3:1. We must not just profess to be Christians, there must be a change.

James 2:19-20. Believing is not enough, even the devils also believe.

Revelation 21:8. All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire.

Titus 2:11-14. There must be something to show for our conversion.

O Lord God, keep our Pastor for us!
May we never be dull of hearing
May the Word of God profit us all in Jesus name.

Written By:
 Kemisola Omoyiola is a born again, heaven-bound daughter of the Most High God, a worker in Deeper Life Bible Church, who earnestly desires to win souls through her write-ups.

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