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Pastor Abiye Daniel David's Powerful Quotes During #WeekofSpiritualEmpowerment

 Pastor Abiye Daniel David is a vibrant young preacher whose zeal for God attracting and one of the senior Pastors at Salvation Ministries. Ministering on Tuesday 7th Fabruary, 2017 during the ongoing church #WeekofSpiritualEmpowerment, he preached on the topic: "BUSINESS AND CAREER OPEN-DOORS".

Pastor Abiye Daniel Davidl's Powerful Quotes During #WeekofSpiritualEmpowerment

1. God has set before every Christian open-doors.

2. You have to contend with adversaries to take delivery of your open-doors (Corinthians 16:9)

3.  The power to open or close doors and keep them open or closed is dependent on you.

4.  If you think small, you will never be big.

5.  Your prayers are not as powerful as your thought.

6. God will never bless you beyond the way you talk (Numbers 14:28).

7.   The way you behave or act.

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8.   God is no more opening doors. Open-doors depend on you.

9.  Law of invitation states that thriving business in midst of adversity must consciously acknowledge Jesus as the owner.

10. The impression you create, must match the solution you provide.

11.  If you want greatness, you must prepare for it. Never invite a public you are not prepared for.

12.  As a business and career person, let your principle be "less work, more result".

13.  To thrive in business or career, you must be born-again. To do so, say the prayer below in faith.

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