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BIBLE STUDY - The World's Response To The Witness Of Christ -John. 1:6-14

The post is an excerpt of message of General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi during his Monday Bible Study.

BIBLE STUDY - The World's Response To The Witness Of Christ -John. 1:6-14

Here In this Bible passage we can see how John the Baptist came first to this world to witness Christ. John was not that light, but he was sent to witness that Light (Christ). Jesus Christ was the world and the world was made by Him.

In this Bible passage, It talks about a man whose name was John. there was a number of people called John in the Bible, But here talks about John the Baptist. He was sent from God, He was a forerunner of CHRIST. Jesus Christ is the King of kings and He is full of Grace.

Father in heaven sent John to era the coming of Christ; He was a proclaimer of Christ and His witness. His mission is to proclaim Christ and prepared the people to repent from their sins and received Christ. He pointed people to Christ and not himself. Jesus Christ has come and brought Light to the world and only the people that received Him were saved and Baptized.

John came and witnessed Christ, His proclamation and declaration was that, Jesus Christ is the Lord and the Light.


Point 1. The Prophets, The Witnesses To Christ.
John. 1:6-8, Isaiah 40:3-5, Luke 1:13-17, Matthew 3:1, Luke 24:46-48, John 15:26-27, Acts 1:8,10:39,43,26:16-19, 1John 1:2,6-8.

The purpose of John the Baptist coming was to bear the witness of Christ. the people have been in darkness of empty profession and religious, and he was sent that people might believed Jesus Christ through him, he wasn't somebody that was hidden in the scriptures, the same prophet that spoke about Christ, that same prophet spoke about John the Baptist. before John the Baptist was born, Angel of God appeared unto Zechariah his father that, he shall have a child through Elizabeth His wife. and he was to proclaimed the word of God and turned people from darkness to righteousness. he was to prepared their mind and for the great expectations from God. He make his witness known, and he pointed people to Christ. he was a courageous witness and the same inspiration and example comes to us today. God is still taking to all believers and ministers today. this call that the Lord has called us to we shall fulfil In Jesus Name. Amen.

John the Baptist was filled with the holy ghost from his mother's womb. He has power like Elijah, and Christ is telling us today to bear His witness unto the uttermost part of the earth. John professed that, Jesus Christ was the Baptist, if you're saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy ghost, you also must do the same thing. John was a witness of Christ and we too are witness of Christ as well. the Lord has sent you into this world to witness Him, you're not sent by Satan or people, It was God Himself that sent us to fulfilled His purpose.

1. He was a Faithful witness. Luke. 3:8,9,12-14..
2. He was a fearless witness. Mark. 6:17,18.
3. He was a flaming firing witness. John. 5:33,35. Jesus Christ testified about him.
3. He was a burning and shinning light.
4. He was a forthright witness. Matthew 3:7,8.
5. He was a fervent witness. Acts 18:25.
6. He was a faultless witness. He spoke the truth without fault. Matthew 11:7-11.
7. He was a fulfilled witness. He didn't stop his journey half way. Acts 13:25,
8 He was a futuristic witness. Matthew 3:9-12.

He talks about repentance, righteousness, restitution, the judgment day and what will happen at end.
Are you as faithful as he was?

Point 2. The Peril Of The World Without Christ -  John 1,9,10, 3:19,20, 2Corinthians4:4
There is a peril for those who hear about Christ and received Him not.

John the Baptist spoke about Christ that, He was the one that cometh to the world and lighted everyone. He was the only light, there is no light for sinners except Christ alone. there are people that rejected Christ and recognized Him not.

why did they rejected Christ?
* because they were evil.
* because they are under the control of evil spirit. Ephessians 2:2,3.
there is no hope for those that didn't have Christ.
* Because they deliberately Glues themselves with the pollution of the world. 2Pet.2:20,21.
* Because they are worldly minded people and they don't want to receive salvation. 1John3:1.
* They love evil and they don't want to come out from darkness. 1John5:19. Anyone that prefers evil will be prepared to pay the price for all eternity because they rejected Christ.
* Because they are deceived-Revelations2:9.


POINT 3: Our Privileges And Wonder Through Christ
John 1, 12,13 Galatians  3:26; 2Corinthians 6:17,18.
We are privilege to be called sons of God. Those that will receive Christ will have privileges to be called sons of God because they are born of God and not of the will of man or flesh. If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, He will give you divine grace and the spirit will bear you witness that you're a child of God.

Luke 10:20. Christ will give you power and your name will be written down in the book of life.
The implications are that, He will give you redemption; you'll be adopted into the family of God. Galatians 4:4-7. everything God have belong to you because you're a child of God.
Romans 8:14-17. You're born of God.

giving your life to Christ makes everything about you to belong to Christ.

* You'll liveth and abided forever. 1Peter1:23
* You'll become son of God 1John. 3:1-3,9.
If you're born of God you'll sinneth no more. 1John.5:18.
As son of God, we have.
*have Heavenly Father.
* Heavenly forgiveness.
* Heavenly family. Ephessians3:14,15.
* Heavenly friend.
* Heavenly fellowship. 1John 1:3
* Heavenly Favour with God and man.
* Fountain that will never run dry. Revelations. 21:6.

all these blessings are for you if only you can repent from your sins.

Written by: James Ngozi  for BelieveAll Outreach



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