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You're the Key Man! Your agony has made you Fit for the Master's use- Bishop T.D Jakes

This post is from Bishop T.D Jakes, the founder and presiding bishop of The Potter's Touch, Dallas, Texas, on is IG page

You're the Key Man! Your agony has made you Fit for the Master's use- Bishop T.D Jakes

Good morning! You're the Key Man! Your agony has made you Fit for the Master's use- It's all a part of the plan! 

All of Joseph's life made him fit for the fight! He saw things differently because of what he had to endure. (Genesis 41:32-41)
You might be navigating through what feels like agony and defeat, but hold on it's not the end. The agony that you have experienced is shaping and molding you for the fight. In the agony you have developed patience, wisdom, love, hope, faith, courage and the list goes on. There is a brighter side of the plan, stay the course. 

Sometimes we see other people's success without realizing how hard it was to get to that point. For some success stories the person endured loneliness, betrayal, defeat, jealousy, etc. Be very careful about asking God to give you success exactly like someone else. You don't know everything that was encountered to get that success. 

The journey of success for you will be different than your family member, friend or mentor. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33) Seek God in your plan. He has a journey designed just for you. If you have been looking for answers to your prayers, keep petitioning God. He is shifting things in your life at this very moment! Someone has a problem that will create a place for your answers! That's good news! 

You are fit for the fight! Time and destiny have collided at this moment! It's only a matter of time before you reach your destiny. Move forward this year with that in mind, it's all a matter of time and staying the course will determine when you get to your destiny! 

Remember that your story is your gift! Even through the pain, it's your gift! Your success is in your struggle! You've got to be able to see opportunity where others see obstacles. 

See the obstacles as a stepping stone in your journey.

Each obstacle is designed to take you higher and higher in your journey. You are only steps away from your desired place. Where is your faith? Faith without works is dead. (James 2:17) Keep pressing, your destiny is near.
When you're in lack, learn to live off your vision to.

I hope you are touched through this post?

God bless you.

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