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Divine Imperatives For The Rapture-Ready Church

The post is an excerpt of message of General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi on 22/01/2017.

Divine Imperatives For The Rapture-Ready Church

Imperatives are commands to be obeyed. God commands us to be saved, sanctified, holy, to be ready for His coming.

History often repeats itself. One would have thought that as the warnings have come repeatedly and urgently, the people of the world would be ready, but it has not always been so, they still perished, despite several warnings, as in the case of:
- The destruction of the world by flood in the time of Noah
- The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Lot's time
- Captivity of Israelites to Babylon
- Destruction of the temple in Jerusalem
- Killing of Jews.

A. Responsibilities Of Heaven-Sent Ministers To The Flock
If any minister is to prepare the church for heaven, he must be heaven-sent, not worldly-appointed. He must be heaven-appointed and approved.

The ministers have several responsibilities:
1. I Thessalonians 5:12; They labour on the people according to the word of God, they make known to them the essentials of the gospel. The ministers are over the people, above the members in salvation, holiness, commitment, and understanding of the word of God in order to be a blessing to them.

The people of the world do not have the curriculum of God, but God-sent ministers do.
Acts 20:28. Ministers are to feed the flock (washed with the blood of Jesus) with the knowledge of God.

Jeremiah 3:15. Ministers teach the people the knowledge and understanding of the word of God, not stories, political/current affairs, newspaper headlines, motivational talks, etc.

Acts 26:16-18. The Almighty God sent Apostle Paul (and other ministers) to the people, to:
- Open their eyes
- Turn them from darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God
- Help them receive forgiveness/inheritance.
Ministers have a responsibility, a charge, a challenge, a commission to the flock.

I Timothy 4:6, 15. To put the people in remembrance to meditate on and be totally given to the word of God. They are to also ensure that their lives reflect the word of God they preach, and to show that they themselves have profited from the words.

Galatians 4:19. Ministers not only preach but also pray for the flock, travailing for them on their knees till Christ is formed in them.

James 5:19. Ministers instruct and turn backsliders back to the way of life.
Colossian 1:28. Ministers must keep on preaching:
- Warning every man (backsliders, parents, children, family, the church of God generally) to escape judgment.
- Teaching everyone the way of the Lord, to strive and have faith to achieve all the Christian experiences.
- To present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.

Colossians 4:12. Ministers must labour fervently in prayer that members stand perfect and complete in all the will of God. They must be taught to minister joyfully and fervently in preaching, teaching, evangelizing, discipline with focus on the day of reward.

Ministers are to take heed and fulfill their ministry Colossians 4:17.
Dan 12:3. Ministers who are wise in doing their duties well shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and as stars forever.

B. The Response Of Heavenly-Minded Members In The Fold: I Thessalonians  5:12-13

As men of God minister faithfully, members must recognize and know them, because they are always there, labouring, and admonishing them in the Lord.

I Thessalonians  5:12-13; We are to esteem the ministers very highly in love, for their works sake.
Proper response to the ministry of Gods servants results in genuine salvation, restoration, restitution, high level of spirituality and readiness for heaven.

John 10:5. We are not to follow strangers who don't know the word of truth and life.
Proverbs 14:7. We must not listen to anyone who has no knowledge of the word of God.
Proverbs 19:27. We must not listen to ministers that cause us to deviate from the words of knowledge.

Proverbs 24:21. We are not to meddle with those given to change, ministers who have left their former convictions to preaching other things, new things, errors.

I Corinthians 16:15-16. Members are to submit to ministers who are addicted to ministering to their spiritual needs as well as their helpers, (e.g. zonal/sectional leaders, women coordinators, etc.)
Romans 6:17. Members should respond in obedience to every word of God.
Philippians 2:12. We are to obey the instructions of our leaders even in their absence.
Philippians 2:16. We are to hold forth the word of life daily.
Philemon 21. Our leaders must have confidence in our obedience, as we do more than we have been told. We must have spiritual discipline.

C. The Richness Of Heart-Felt Ministry In The Fellowship. I Thessalonians 5:13b-28
As members of the body of Christ, part of our responsibilities is that we must be at peace with ourselves.

We must also:
- Warn those that are unruly
- Comfort the feebleminded
- Support the weak
- Be patient towards all men: wife, husband, children.
- None must render evil for evil both inside and outside the church.
- Ever follow that which is good
- Rejoice evermore because:
* We are not ignorant of the day of the Lord,
* Our names are written in heaven,
* There is a hope/reward set before us.
- Pray without ceasing
- Give thanks to God in every situation.
- We must not quench the fire of the Spirit of God
- Prove all things and hold on to that which is good.
- Abstain from all appearance of evil.

All these are possible because He that called us is faithful.
I Thessalonians 5:27. Apostle instructed that this epistle must be read to all men, (just as the messages of father in the Lord is transmitted to us regularly).

By grace we are saved, sanctified, strengthened and preserved.

By the grace of God, we are what we are. I Corinthians 15:10. We will labour more abundantly, just as Apostle Paul did more than the other apostles. I Corinthians 15:58; We serve a God who rewards His servants bountifully.

II Corinthians 15:12:9. The grace of God is sufficient for us all, even in our weaknesses.
Hebrews 4:16. We are to come to the throne of grace, to receive mercy and grace for the time of need.
Hebrews 12:28. We have grace to serve God acceptably.
Hebrews 13:9. God establishes our hearts through His grace.
Revelation 19:7-8. I'll be ready, we all will be ready. Whenever He comes, we will not be caught unawares.

So shall it be for us and our father in the Lord in Jesus name. Amen

Written By:
 Kemisola Omoyiola is a born again, heaven-bound daughter of the Most High God, a worker in Deeper Life Bible Church, who earnestly desires to win souls through her write-ups.
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