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Calling A Self-Satisfied Church To Repentance And Righteousness

The post is an excerpt of Monday Bible Study message of General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

Calling A Self-Satisfied Church To Repentance And Righteousness

Bible Study is the backbone of Deeper Life Bible Church, and we have been doing the for over 40 years ago. We do Systematic Study of the word of God, we got from book to book, and chapter to chapter, and make application of the word to have impact in our lives, and I pray that what this studies have done in the lives of others, it will do in your life in Jesus Name.

This is the seventh church, that Jesus Christ has been sending to. In all the letters, He reveals His identity, and authority, know His affirmation and truthfulness, and how He knows their situation, and the threatenings He gave to the churches and how these will be finally authoritative fulfilled.

He was writing to the angel there, the leader, pastor, bishop, overseer, minister of that church. He expects that the life of the minister or the leader that it will be holy, obedient, faithful to the Lord, submissive, fearless, ministering with holy obedience to the Lord. This is what the Lord expects of you as a pastor over a church that you will be holy and be submissive to the word of the Lord we has called us, and that you will be courageous, bold and fearless. If you are fearful, fear men more than you fear God, you cannot do the Will of God, you will not be an angel of that church, and a servant of the Lord as well. Also to be conscious all the time that the Lord has sent you, and He will never leave you, so there is nothing to fear. You do the work of God in a conscientous and committed way, and the Lord arm will be under you in Jesus Name.

The church is the assembly of people who have built on the Rock, they are converts, sons of God, disciples of the Lord, followers of the Lord, disciples and bound with a cord of love. They are household of faith, they are refer to as the church.

The church is built of the Rock of Ages, Christ Himself, and its because of that its solid, steadfast, focus, not an assembly that the wind of false doctrine, persecution or of the world will be blowing here and there, and not able to stand. So if you are part of the church, you will be built on the Rock, saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, steadfast because of the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, and solid in your conviction. All the powers of evil will never affect the church negatively in Jesus Name.
You have members of the church, then ministries to the members of the church, functions of the members of the church, then regular services of the members of the church.

There are people who say that they are members of the church but they do not assembly themselves with the church in our weekly meetings and combined services, they are just members of the church in name, they are just members of the church nominally and superficially. But people who say that they are members of the church, they identified with the church activities and fellowship.

Now He introduces Himself in a new way. He has been introducing Himself in various ways, but now this is new. He said my Name is Amen. There are people who don’t pronounced Amen correctly, and some don’t understand whats Amen. It means Truth, Affirmation of the Truth of the Lord, Confirmation of the Truth of the Lord, the Assertion, Ratification, of the Truth of the Lord, He is the One that put the Stamp of Final Authority on every part of the word of God. Another word for amen is verily, verily…..when you see that word, verily, verily I say unto you, it implies Amen, Amen in the original Greek, this is final, unchanging and affirmative of the word. When Jesus says amen, that means nothing can contradict nor change whatever Jesus affirm. And if Jesus affirms any promise of God in your life, it is affirm, and if He contradicts the work of the devil, then that is final. All the promises of God, to save and uphold you till the very end, the promise of sanctification, power of the Holy Ghost, of healing, and of the keys of the Kingdom of God, they are yea and amen in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Jesus is the Affirmation, Assertion, Ratification, Final Authority of all the promises of God, and when He says this is it, no even a satan can change it. My life will be stably built on the word of God in Jesus Name.
He is the Faithful One. He was Faithful to the Father, to His Mission, to His Calling, to what He came to do here on earth inspite of the pain, the persecution, the crucifixion, the betrayal, and everything He went through He remained Faithful, and He is the One by His grace and power will cause us also to be faithful.

We are to be holy brethren. If you don’t subscribe to this holiness, then you are not a brother nor a sister, nor a member of the church of the Living God. Holiness is your watchword, desire lifestyle, practise of your life anywhere you find yourself as a member of the church. So you must be holy because He that calls us is Holy. And you will be holy.

Jesus is the Personification of Faithfulness, so Faithful that if you look at His lifestyle, teachings, miracles, healing and all He did while on earth, they are done in faithfulness unto the Lord.
He is the True Witness.

He is the Beginning of the Creation of God. As you read the English Bible, that word beginning has confused some people. They say Jesus was created by God in their false doctrine. Jesus was not created by God. He is not the first Creation of God, rather He is the Beginning before the beginning of all things, before Abraham was I am, so He said. He has always be there with the Father, for He says give me the Glory I had with you before the world began. This means then He is the Origin of the Creation of God, the Originator, the Source of the Creation of God. That is the Whole Creation, everything you see and don’t see, He is the Originator and Source of All things. He is the Creator of all things with the Father. He is the Power that brought everything to being, because all things were created by Him and for Him. He is before all things. He has be from all eternity.

This church of the Laodiceans was a self satisfied church, they don’t need grace, power, holiness, anything spiritual, any preparation for heaven for rapture, a self satisfied church, and there are some christians like them, that are self sufficient on their own, but the Lord is calling them to repentance and righteousness.

Point 1. The Conceit of a Self Satisfied Church
Revelations 3:14-17; Romans 7:14-18,24; 2 Peter 1:9; Revelations 16:15

When a local church, somebody is satisfied with himself the way he is, no need of any of any spiritual progress and experiences.

This is the spiritual condition of a self satisfied church, and the evaluation of the Lord concerning this self satisfied church

1. He knows who we were, our superficiality, pride, conceit, bragging, pompous attitude, deception. I know thy works.

2. He knows that we are neither cold nor hot. There are some people that are dis-interested, indifferent in almost all things, not cold, oppose to it, nor hot, passionate, fervent in defending or pursuing that thing. These are people in the church. They hear about repentance, righteousness, teachings of Christ, holiness in life and heart, sanctification, a definite christian experience, but they do nothing about this, neither cold nor hot.
You are self satisfied, neither cold nor hot.
They were measuring their Christian lives with empirical, tangible success and accomplishments.

3. That you anoint yourself, the Spirit of God that will give you illumination, insight, enlightenment, vision, eyes of your heart that will see the glory and goodness of God.

The Lord does not want us to be like the Laodicean church, for they are gone, now is our time, you hear all theses messages, what do you do with all these messages, neither cold nor hot. The Lord wants us to go and Od the word of God we are hearing and learning at the Bible Study.
Even you have good intentions, you don’t have the grace of God to to this without genuine salvation.
Somebody who do not have the covering of the Blood of the Lamb is walking naked, and when the Lord comes, he will be miserable, wretched, naked and blind, and will miss the Coming of the Lord on that day.

Things will be different but you must take a definite stand about this, have the grace of God to live right and do right.

Point 2. The Counsel of Our Supreme Sovereign Christ

Revelations 3:18-19

Buy of Him, that you may be rich in grace, in righteousness, spiritual matters, virtues, and be clothed with righteousness. And have our eyes anointed with the Spirit of God

1. Buy of Him – Proverbs 23:23,26; Matthew 13:44-46

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and Life. Buy the Truth that saves, sanctifies, strengthens, sustains, make us steadfast, changes our lives, solid and stable. What get the money, time, knowledge, hard work, passionate about it, and perseverance, so we make an effort to get this knowledge about faith, prayer, promises of God, the hardwork, spend time. Money is a representation of your knowledge, time, effort, commitment, service and hardwork to it. You must buy this Truth and sell it not.

If you are going to make money, you will give your heart, mind, attention, focus and life to it, this same with the Truth, you put your heart, life and sacrifice into it. If you want to get salvation, ticket to heaven, then you must buy, put your heart, mind and life to it.

Transaction. Trans and action. You give something, and get the value in equivalent in return. This means that all that you have acquired in the world, you bring it into the kingdom, the ability to read, to have wisdom and knowledge, you have acquired in the world, you bring this ability to the kingdom of God as well. This is how you have salvation, sanctification, Holy Ghost baptism, and spiritual grace. You pay the price to get the prize, giving what it takes and then transaction. I give my life, time, commitment, seriousness, passion and that thing of the kingdom, I am going to get it in Jesus Name.

You must be seeking for heaven, for holiness, fire of God upon your life, commitment, fervency, seriousness, earnestness, but if you are not seeking, then there will be no transaction, but if you are seeking, then you are paying the price, and will get what you are seeking for. If you keep your money, your time, strength, you will not get that pearl, but if you are going to give your time, commtiment, cut off a lot of things in your life, then you will find these goodly pearl.

I am going to be a star in the kingdom of God. This is the generation that we will have many Elijah’s, Elisabeths today. But it will cost something. Do something, say something, don’t be indifference.

2. As many I love, I rebuke – Proverbs 3:11,12

That is love. Many people do not understand what love is all about. They thought that if a teacher loves a student and is not doing well, not doing his homework, you will still condone his laziness, that is not love. When you love someone, you will correct and rebuke them if they are wasting away their lives. If you love him, you will correct him, check him, and willing to suffer their frown to save them, that is love.

There are fathers that fears the cries of their children, they see their children going astray, and they are afraid to correct them. And there are pastors that are sugar daddy, not able to correct their members when they are going astray.
A pastor that has love will warn you if you are doing evil. He will denial you of what you love, to correct you.
Don’t get tired of corrections.

3. Be zealous, take away the garment of earthly and coldness, lethargy, indifference, and become serious and lets us know that you are willing and ready to serve the Lord.

Point 3. The Characteristics of Self Sacrificing Conquerors

Revelations 3:20-22

Christ was not at the centre of that Church. When you are cold, lukewarm, lethargy, indifferent, Christ will not be at the Centre of your life. When you push away sanctification, restitution, commitment in marriage, sound doctrine, you push away Christ, although there is religion and activities, but Christ is out.

There is no eternal security, that you know that you are indifferent, you come to Christ.

This verse 20 is for the church, people who are lukewarm, prayer less, carnal, shallow, not serious in devotion to the Lord, that He wants them to be serious, focus, stand upright, and come to Him. That you make progress, be fervent, have the earnestness in you to be on fire. The zeal to do evangelism is no more there in your life, but tonite as you come to the Lord, He will revival your life. If you open the door tonite, the Saviour, Sanctifier, Baptiser in the Holy Ghost, Energizer will come in to you.
To him that overcomes the careless, zig-zap life, lukewarm life, careless life, carefree life, compromising life, He will grant you the privilege to sit on the throne.

Not everybody has ears to hear, to hear the call of God to salvation, sanctification, to the call to service, to serve the Lord.

I will have ears to hear. To be an obedient and faithful child. God has spoken to me, and He is saying that I must be do something about what I have heard, to have the grace and stamina with backbone to do what the Lord wants me to do.

Ponder on this! The church is built on the Rock of Ages, Christ Himself, and its because of that it is solid, steadfast, focus, not an assembly that the wind of false doctrine, persecution or of the world will be blowing here and there, and not able to stand. So if you are part of the church, you will be built on the Rock, saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, steadfast by the teaching of the word, and solid on your conviction.

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