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22 Powerful Quotes From Pastor #DavidIbiyeomie During #5NightsOfGlory2017, Day 4

Here are some of the powerful quotes from Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and presiding pastor of Salvation Ministries during 2017 5 Nights Of Glory, Day 4

22 Powerful Quotes From  Pastor #DavidIbiyeomie During #5NightsOfGlory2017, Day 4

1.  The surest way to be out of failure is to be determined to succeed.

2.  Money is not evil. It is the love of money that is evil

3.  Financial prosperity is a reality and it is your heritage as a child of God.

4.  When you are born again, you cannot succeed by operating with principles of the world.

5.   You cannot have a poverty mentality and enjoy prosperity on earth.

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6.  Only the Word of God can renew your mind and give you the right mentality to access your heritage in Christ.

7.  To be a seed means to love God and be interested in His business (soul winning).

8.  If you want to prosper, it is your duty to sow and it is God’s duty to provide the harvest (Genesis 8:22).

9.   It is impossible to be a financial success if you are not a tither and a celebrated giver.

10.  When you put God first, you enjoy financial prosperity.

 11.  Problem solvers do not look for money, they get paid for solving problems.

12.  Any money you do not work for diminishes your mental capacity

13.  Be faithful with your financial dealings with God and man (Jeremiah 17:10-11).

14.  Make sure you are a good manager of God’s resources.

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15. Negative confessions can destroy all the seeds you have sown.

16.  Always speak prosperity. There is power in what you say.

17.  It is not possible to be out of poverty if you are not a consistent giver (Galatians 6:9, James 1:25).

18.  Consistency in giving is the answer to prosperity.

19.  To be free from financial captivity, you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour.

20.  You do not get saved by confessing your sins but by confessing Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour.

21.  You are not a sinner because of what you did but because of what Adam did.

22.  Morality can keep you out of jail but cannot take you to heaven.

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