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The Great Gathering Of God's People

The post is an excerpt of Monday Bible Study of General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi on 12/12/2016.
The Great Gathering Of God's People, kumuyi, deeper lifee church, retreat, 5nights of glory

From Genesis to the present time, the Lord anticipates the coming together of His people, Genesis 49:10.

Jesus Christ our Lord was referred to by many terms:
1. The Seed of the woman
2. The Lamb of God
3. The Prophet
4. The Shepherd
5. The Son, Wonderful, Counsellor
6. The King of the Jews
7. The Son of Man.

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What is Jesus to humanity?
- A sinner goes to Him as Saviour
- A sheep to Him as Shepherd
- The weak to Him for strength
- The sick to Him as Healer
- The oppressed to Him as Deliverer
- The saved to His as Sanctifier
- Disciples to Him as Lord, Master
- The impure/unclean to Him as Purifier.

Why are we gathered unto Him?
1. Because of Love, He loves us, and we love Him.
2. Because of Obedience
3. To learn His ways
4. For blessings
5. For guidance and direction, especially in the New Year
6. Because we want to serve Him
7. To lead other people to Him.

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The Israelites were called together to God for blessings. In the New Testament, people gathered in large numbers, sometimes 3,000, other times, 5,000. What we are doing today is a pattern of what happened in Bible days. This year's December Retreat will be unique and full of blessings:
Salvation, sanctification, Holy Ghost baptism, strength for her weakness, all-round transformation.

A.    Joyous Proclamation Of The Gathering Of God's People.
Psalm 68:11
Publicity goes beyond doing it for the sake of the pastor, but rather, because the Lord gave the word, the command to publicize the retreat came from God Almighty, Deuteronomy 31:11; Joel 2:15-18. It is plan of God that we gather. Psalm 50:1,5.

Luke 8:38-40: the man in the story without any means of transportation publicized Jesus and what He had done and all the city came to Jesus. We must even do more.

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B. Joint Provision For The Great Gathering Of God's People:

We are the ones that will make provision for feeding the people of God. It is imperative to show our love for God by giving sacrificially.
The little lad surrendered his 5 loaves and two fishes to Jesus, who in turn multiplied them to feed at least 5,000 people!

The disciples were the servers of the food, the ushers worked hard in coordinating the people, accurate counting took place. Everybody must prepare adequately and take care of their various areas of work.
When we give to support God's work, He gives us much more in return. Luke 6:38.

Matthew 25:34; Malachi 3:11-12, 16-18. Obedience brings blessings. As God blesses us, we must make provision for the retreat as a book of remembrance will be opened on our behalf. II Corinthians 8:5,9; Deuteronomy 16:17; II Chronicle 31:5,8,9, as we give bountifully for the retreat, there will be enough food to eat, and we will have leftovers.

C. Justified Preparation And Expectation Of God's People.
Every nooks and cranny of the camp must be adequately prepared for the retreat: the hostels, the kitchen, the auditorium, the toilets and bathrooms, etc.

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The ministers must prepare themselves properly before preaching any message. Ezra 19
We ourselves must prepare adequately so that God can move in our midst. Exodus 15:2. I Sam 7:3
Proper preparation precedes abundant blessings, Job 11:13-18, we must never be bad examples to other participants.

II Timothy 2:21. Preparation of the heart, of the spirit, soul and body.
II Chronicle 15:11-13; 35:2-4. To get the best from God, adequate, proper preparation is necessary.

May God help us to prepare adequately, and receive the very best from Him.
May God continue to strengthen and keep Baba for us.

Written By:
 Kemisola Omoyiola is a born again, heaven-bound daughter of the Most High God, a worker in Deeper Life Bible Church, who earnestly desires to win souls through her write-ups.

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