Tuesday, 6 December 2016

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#Quotes from Pastor David Oyedepo during #Shiloh2016 - Day 1

#Quotes from David Oyedepo during #Shiloh2016 - Day 1

1. It is not what you earn that secures your future, it is what you learn and what you do with it

2.  By REDEMPTION, your case is ordained to be different on all fronts.

3.You have been called to live a Marvellous life. 1 Pet. 2:9

4.  God is up to any situation. He fed the widow of Zarephath. He fed 2million Jews. He is able to meet you.

5.  God is more than enough for anything I will ever need, hence, my case is different.

6. The day is coming when the proud will pay for their pride.

7.  God exempted his own people from the holocaust in Egypt. Gen. 47

8.  God has not changed because He cannot change. You are distress because you have gone away

9.   The dominion of light over darkness is instant. You need to know what right step to take & right turn to take

10.  We are to be envied no matter the circumstances. Whatever represents any form of pity will be turned.

11. Our understanding of his covenant is what empowers us for financial dominion.

12.  It is divine encounters that opens new chapters in a man's life.

13.   God is not committed to your prosperity until you fulfill your part of the covenant.

14.  When God blesses, he eliminates sorrows.

15.  Your giving is not promoting God, it is promoting your destiny.

16.   There's no way to keep the windows of heaven except by tithing. Mal. 3:10.

17.  Obedience is one of our most potent weapons of war. It's the most silent breakthrough force. 2 Cor. 10:4-6

18.  When your obedience is complete, you avenge all opposition. When your obedience is fulfilled, you're secured

19. There's no struggle if we keep obeying Gods instruction. Deut. 28:1-12

20.   Obedience to the terms of the covenant gives you unparalleled financial dominion.

21.  There's always a story behind the glory.

22.  Tithing is the controlling law. It not only brings returns, it secures your resources.

23.  Every seed sown is a spiritual transaction to provoke divine intervention

24.  When you become consistent in your tithing, you have committed God to deliver His promises.

25.  Nothing makes your case different like obedience.

26. Every release of the Spirit is a response to desperate desire. Pray for enduement of the Spirit of Obedience
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