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#Quotes From Bishop David Oyedepo During #Shiloh2016 #MyCaseIsDifferent -Part 4

The following quotes are words from Bishop David Oyedepo during his ministration during Shiloh 2016 day 4.
Enjoy them...

#Quotes From Bishop David Oyedepo During #Shiloh2016 #MyCaseIsDifferent -Part 4

1. It is access to divine secrets that distinguishes the redeemed of the Lord.

2. Everyone that accessed divine secrets in scriptures emerged as stars amongst men.

3. There's no private revelation in the kingdom. You can only receive if you have the fear of God in your heart.

4. God has a settled bailout plan for His redeemed.  Your spirituality is core to your exemption.

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5. Your dominion in hard times demands spirituality.

6. When nothing is working for the World, things will still be working for the spiritual. Ps. 37:18-19

7. "The possession you gather by pranks is poisonous."

8. Kingdom promotion secures your endeavors in hard times. Haggai 1:6-11

9.  A covenant walk begins from where you are. God never places a burden on anyone.

10.   It is what you give now that creates a glorious future for you.
11. Gods commandments are not grevious.

12. Covenant walk is so relaxing. You start from where you are and you start growing up. Deut. 16:17.

13.  God doesn't put pressure on you; therefore don't put pressure on yourself.

14. Giving to charity was the secret to the making of Job. Job 29:4-14

 15. The greatest asset in hard times are ideas that work.

16. Divine ideas is one fringe benefit that accompanies givers. Covenant practitioners dont run out of ideas.

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17. It's not sin to receive medical aid or borrow but they are weights that can be averted by covenant practice.

18. Giving and receiving is a mystery of life.

19. What becomes of any child of God is determined by his own faith.

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