Friday, 9 December 2016

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Powerful #Quotes From Bishop David Oyedepo During #Shiloh2016 #MyCaseIsDifferent -Day 4

According to Bishop David Oyedepo, "Shiloh is the moment for taking hold of your hanging blessings".

Indeed it was supernatural as many notable miracles was recorded in the programme from the first day of the 2016 edition of Shiloh.

Powerful #Quotes From Bishop David Oyedepo During #Shiloh2016 #MyCaseIsDifferent -Day 4

Below are some of the powerful quotes from the man of God during the fourth day of the event.
1. It is the word you receive and believe that you are empowered to become.

2.  The journey to exemption begins by building your capacity to receive the Word of God.

3.  It is our lack of capacity to receive that has made us stranded over time.

4. Building your capacity is simply about building your faith.

5.  God does not give capacity.  God gives grace to build capacity.

6. It is lack of capacity that makes a man tarry in unwanted situation.

7.  Altar of sacrifice is the altar of supernatural blessing also called the altar of sworn blessing

8.  Every demand God will ever make on you is to deliver the next blessing He has in store.

9. Sacrifice is not a strategy of the church to collect the resources. You need it for replenishing

10.  The altar of sacrifice is also the altar of supernatural fruitfulness.

11.  Authority in this endtime shall be domiciled in the church, the body of Christ.

12.  Altar of sacrifice is the altar of the aversion of plagues and curses.

13.  The altar of sacrifice gives you an impenetrable covering and protection.



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