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The post is an excerpt of Monday Bible Study of General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi on 19/12/16

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ALL THINGS ARE READY -Luke 14:15-24 deeper life retreat

As we prepare for the December retreat, the Lord is sending His word to us, to prepare and make us ready for the great event.

We must always bear in mind that:
Jesus Christ is Head, Cornerstone and Foundation of the church.

He has His reasons and ways of doing things. The Pharisees condemn Him for eating with sinners. They themselves are not born again.

Jesus went to honour the invitation to eat with one of them, His intention was to use the opportunity to preach the gospel. We are expected to do just as our Lord and Saviour did. He is our perfect example, Luke 14:12, 13.

He told the parable of a man who prepared a great supper, and commanded his servants to go and invite people for the feast, Luke 14:17. Each of them had one excuse or the other to not attend the feast. One said he just wedded and would like to cheer his new wife. We are taught to never allow anything or anyone get between us and God, Luke 14:18-20.

The invitation was then sent again, but this time, to those deemed unworthy: the poor, maimed, the halt and the blind. Jesus was passing a message to His host on the importance of accepting the salvation He's offering him, otherwise, he would be rejected and replaced with another. This is the same way the Jews rejected the gospel and it extended to the gentiles, Luke 14:21. Acts 13:45-47.

After carrying out an assignment, it is just right to give proper report/feedback, Luke 14:22.

Further invitation was sent out to the highways, and hedges, more people were compelled in so that the master's house could be filled, Luke 14:23.

The verdict passed, those who turned down the invitation are permanently banned from the feast, Luke 14:24.

A. Provision Of Sufficient Supply By God. Luke 14:16-17.

In many gatherings today, salvation, holiness, sanctification are relegated to the background, and not emphasized in messages. The full and complete package must be given to the people for their benefit.

- Salvation for sinners
- Sanctification for the unclean
- Holy Ghost baptism
- Provision for the needy
- Victory for the depressed.

If our desires are based on the provisions which Jesus has made on the cross, then we will enjoy the fullness of God. Romans 8:32. God made all the provision free of charge.

We don't give it out for money or pecuniary gains: no declaration of long, long days of fasting, no compelling them to sow a seed to anyone's life before they can be ministered to. These are equal to works whereas, God’s blessings are FREE OF CHARGE. II Peter 1:3

John 6:32-33. Our priorities should be to seek the kingdom of God, all other things will be added to us.
Matthew 7:7-11. When we ask, seek and knock, we will receive.
We must ask in Jesus name, Matthew21:22.

B. Proclamation by the servants of god. Luke 14:17.

We study the word of God so that our lives can be touched and changed for the best.
Just as the servants of the master of the feast went out to invite people to the feast, so also we are to go out and invite people for the December retreat.

Matt 22:8-10. The invitation should be extended to the difficult and uncooperative. John 10:16. Jesus will bring them when we publicise the retreat to them.
Revelation 22:17. And the Spirit and the Bride say, come. Those who have been invited should invite others.

When Good People Keep Silent, Evil Thrives.
Let's help people by telling them about the retreat.

C. Participation Of Saints And Sinners In The Great Gathering. Luke 14:18;


For those who miss retreats because of inconveniences of the camp ground:
"Hell Fire Will Be Hotter and More Inconvenient than Any Camp Ground."

Heb 2:3. Excuse makers who neglect the invitation of God will not escape His judgment. 12:25. We must not refuse the voice of God.
Luke 14:21. There are more people outside the church that in the church. We must go after them. Some people turn down invitations of God based on the dictates of their masters. They allow such masters to control their lives.

"Anybody Who Controls Your Decision Controls Your Destiny"
"Anyone Who Controls You Here Will Control You In Eternity

Matthew 4:18-22. Jesus called His disciples outside, on the roads, by the sea side, Matthew 9:9, at the receipt of the customs, John 1:43,47-48. He got to the lost, sick, oppressed when He was on the move, not when He sat, relaxing in the house. Mark 5:1; Luke 19:1-10; Acts 9:3, 15-16. We must endeavour to participate in and also go out and get sinners to the retreat.


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 Kemisola Omoyiola is a born again, heaven-bound daughter of the Most High God, a worker in Deeper Life Bible Church, who earnestly desires to win souls through her write-ups.

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