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18 Powerful Quotes From Pastor W.F. Kumuyi During December Retreat 2016

Below are eighteen powerful quotes from the founder and General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi during the 2016 edition of the church December National Retreat.
Powerful #Quotes From Pastor W.F. Kumuyi During December Retreat 2016

1.     You cannot be conqueror in the world if you do not have Power.
      2.     In this critical hour, only the courageous shall be rewarded and empowered.

      3.     The beginning of Power in this present hour is salvation, restitution and courage to hold on to the promises of God.

      4.     Self brought sin and sin brought punishment and destruction.

      5.     Even though we are saved, if the self is not crucified, our lives will be displeasing to God.
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     6.     The preaching does not set you free; it is your response to what is preached that sets you free.

     7.     Self will keep you away from heaven.

     8.     Self knows how to rejects and argue; it does not know how to make heaven.

     9.     A servant cannot impose his will to his Master.

    10.                        It is our holiness that affects our plan and worship to God.

    11.                        The people who do not think about heaven always think about worldly properties.

    12.                        You will be deceived by people if you take in everything that said.

   13.                        Privacy lends strength to temptation.

   14.                         Prayer is a link between the captive and the redeemer.

   15.                         Prayer is a privilege between earth and heaven.

   16.                         It’s not everything that people prayed that has equal value.

   17.                         A sinner is not a Christian and a Christian is not a sinner.

   18.                        The world wants to mud and squeeze us into their mod.

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