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The Future Destiny Of Sanctified Conquerors

Revelation  2:2,7,9,11,17,13,19,26,3:1,8,15,5;12,21. Luke 19:12,15

The future destiny of sanctified conquerors is paradise. We must overcome because; only the overcomers will be able to enter heaven. 

The Future Destiny Of Sanctified Conquerors - W.F. Kumuyi

When Jesus Christ was on earth, He overcame consistently, He overcame the challenges, the temptations of satan, and his power. Now, He is sitting at the right hand of God in Heaven, He is our Lord and He said that only the overcomers shall have their sitting place with Him in Heaven. 

You must hear His word, learn it and make up your mind to overcome. This is reminding us that, Jesus Christ is the bride-groom of the Church, He is sending messages to His Church, He has travelled to a country that is beautiful than this earth, and he is coming back to take his people away.

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 But when He shall come; He is going to check our Loyalty, our faithfulness before He will take us to Heaven, He Knows every details about the Church. He is telling His bride that He knows everything that is happening in the Church, He knows the work of the professed followers of Him, He knows their action and faithfulness. He told every body that; He knows our works because ; He is vigilant, observant and Holy, He said that He knows He that will overcome. 

There is something that Christ is looking for In the Church; He is looking for the righteous ones that will make Heaven for they are overcomer. Overcomer is not by your position In the church, but He Emphasized on He that will overcome temptations and live righteously. He that has an ear should hear His word of warning.

He gives you grace to be saved.

He gives you Grace to be sanctified. And He gives you grace to overcome temptations and flesh. Those that will overcome will not be changing like chameleon but they will be consistently holy. Christ is not interested in anything, nor your age but the overcomers. The purpose of the word of God is to strengthen us and to show us the way and prepare us for Heaven, His word is to saturate our life and make us to overcome.

*Jesus knows our work.
*He is looking for the overcomer.
*He gives us promises.  Revelation 2:7,10,17,26.
What are the promises of God for Us?
*He will give us crown of life.v10.
*He will give us hidden manner. Rev.2:17.
*Power over nation. Revelation 2:26.
*Morning stars. Revelation 2:27
*He will confess us before His Father in Heaven. Revelation 3:5.
*Authority to sit with Him.  Revelation 2:21: not that you will overcome 3 Tribulation out of 20,  You must overcome all.

1. Perception Of The Secret Condition Of All Heart.
 Revelation 2:2,19,13, Job.34:21,22, Psalms 139:1-4,44:20,21, Jeremiah 23:23,24, Daniel 2:22, Ecclesiastics 12:14, Mark4:22,23; 1Corinthians 4:5.

Christ's Word is an authoritative and final, is not by what somebody tells you, He knows the idea that surrounds you, He knows every interaction, He knows the true believers, He knows His servants, if you don't have the chance to steal but you have the thought of stealing in your heart, He knows you.

He seeth you as you stretched your hand to steal or touch the unclean things, you cannot hide from Him. But if you come to Him for cleansing, He will wash every corruption and dirty in your heart. If you are Saved, Faithful, and Obedience to His word or hypocrites, He Knows It all. 

If you are going to church every Sunday but doing the weekly Period you go and worship idol secretly, cultism, secret covenant, secret unfaithfulness e.t.c. He knows everything. You can not limit God to cover your sins, and He will Judge you.

2. The Perseverance Of Sanctified Christians In Holiness
Revelation 2:4, 5,10; 1John.2:13; Ephesians5:26, 1Thessalonina 4:3,4,7,5:22-24, 2Timothy 2:21, Hebrews13:12-14.

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There must be evidence of Christians perseverance in holiness, in our dressings, passion and attitudes. Holiness is Persistent thing that we must carry out to everywhere. Everybody must see it in our Life, in our actions and doing. There are some people that keep on doing activities as usual but they have Left their first Holiness, Love, obedience, and purity. 

Pastors, Ministers and the whole church should repent. But the root of backsliding and compromising is 'Fear'. When you are fearing to tell the Truth because of persecution. And afraid of your position, respect from the people. But if you are born again, you will have outward and inward holiness and stand for truth. And holiness will be in your thought. When you are sanctified He will use you, not by your grammar or experience but If you Purge yourself.

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3. The Provisions For Single Minded Conquerors In Heaven
Revelation 2:7,21:1-7; Act.7:55-59; 2Corinthians 5:1,2,8; Philippians 3:20,21, Colossians 1:5,3:1-4; 1Peter 1:3,4.

The people that are single minded, mind on the only thing that will make them to overcome and take them to heaven. They are not looking for position, and is a personal choice to be an overcomer, you are dead to sin and alive to Christ.
There is joy in heaven.


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