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Preventive Preparation For The Great Eschatological Day -1Thessalonias 4:13-18,5:1-3,9; 2Peter 3:9; Malachi 4:5,6 1Peter 4:7.

The Word Eschatological means the study of last event. The day of the Lord is coming, and It will be a Day of Wrath, Tribulation and Judgment upon sinners and backsliders. The word of God is exciting us, and this Event is going to take Place any time. 

Ignorant can bring Un-necessary suffering, be it Physical or Spiritual aspect. Before you became born again, you believed that Jesus died for our sins and we are not believing in Vain because the Glorious day is coming.

And At the Rapture, those who have gone will rise first before we that alive will join them. But, Only the Lively Church that are saved will escape the Wrath to come. And Heaven is A Glorious City, we don't need to Fast again and no Suffering there.

If you are waiting for the Lord's coming, because the Rapture of the Saints is not for backsliders or sinners. The People that are preparing for the Rapture Must have these attributes?

*They must be soundly Saved, Steadfastly. And is a Kind of Salvation you feel in your soul, the Spirit of God must bear you Witness.

*They Are Separated from the World. Friendship with the world is an enmity to God.

*They are Sanctified, because is Sanctification that will give you entirely Holiness. Holiness is essentially and is not partial. Your Relationship Must be Holy, You must be Transparent, your tongue, Lips, Mouth and attitudes must Be Holy. Your dressing must be Holy, Holiness will affect your Dressing, Your Business, it will affect your character, and it will affect your Life.

Holiness also means consecration- you are consecrated all to the Altar of God. A day of the Lord is coming like a thief in the Night.

Christ assured us that His day is very near. And His day shall bring destruction to the disobedience children.
And the church will be taken away before the tribulation. You can only escape by Salvation, Living a Holy Life. And prevent others by preaching Christ to them, so that they can escape the Wrath to come.

1. The Spirit Prediction Of Eschatological Wrath:
Isaiah 13:9,13,Ezekiel 7:12,13; Zephaniahs 1:14,15,18, Romans 2:5-9; Revelation 6:12-17

The Spirit of God has spoken very clearly that the wrath is coming upon the sinners and backsliders. It is more certain and it will happen suddenly like a fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Isaiah, Ezekiel and some Prophets spoke about the Day of Christ, that it will be a day of wrath, tribulation, judgment for the world. Is a day of distress, trouble, desolation. etc. and we must bring People to The Lord to escape them from the wrath. Those who will not epent and seek the face of God shall not escape it. But God has not appointed His children for wrath. If you are Saved, Sanctified and Holy, you will escape.
2. The Saints Preservation From Eternal Wrath-
1Thessalonia 5:9; 1:9,10; Romans 5:9, Nahum.1:2,6,7; Luke 21:34-36; 2Timothy 2:21,22.

Devil may ask you why you are serving God, and when people will forget Christ because of challenges, you stand for Christ. The bride Groom will preserve His bride from wrath, He will take us away from that day, we should make sure that, we Abide in Christ and His word till end. Jesus Christ Himself is the personification of the truth, we have the strength to run the race. You must be saved thoroughly, Consecrated, Sanctify and transparently Holy. The church of Christ will be preserved and not the disobedience and backsliders.

3. The Servants Prevention From Expressed Wrath-
Ezekiel 22:30,31; 32:10-12,14; Numbers 25:11-13; Malachi 4:5; 2Corinthins 5:11,20 Isaiah 26:20

God has expressed that tribulation is coming upon the world, and we can be an ambassador and Representative of Christ so that, we can Prevent people from the wrath to come. Moses Sought the Lord and prevent the children of Israel from the wrath of God. We can also prevent the people from the wrath of God, we can prevent them through;

*Prayers, Pray for them. If others are gossiping in the Church, we should not join them, we should prevent people from their dying in sin, we also should stand righteously and Influence others to Christ.
Indignation is coming, we can prevent people by bringing them to repentance, the key has been given to us, we can open their heart for Christ. If people in the Bible can do so, we can also do better.
You must have the Spirit of Courage in you, and the People will here you and be save In Jesus Name.
Speak to them, pray for them, preach to them and bring them to repentance and make them the followers of Christ and you also should remain an ambassadors of Christ. You must escape the wrath to come, and prevent others from destruction.

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