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Preserving Christ's Church From Defiling Influences - REVELATIONS 2:18-29

The post is an excerpt of Monday Bible Study of General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. kumuyi on 31/10/2016.
Preserving Christ's Church From Defiling Influences - REVELATIONS 2:18-29

As the topic implies, the church belongs to Christ, not to any man, woman, apostle or angel. As a result of this, we must allow Him to build His church so that the church is holy, pure, unwavering, uncompromising, preserved from corruption, evil and every appearance of evil. Matthew 16:18.

When we don't allow Christ to build His church, there will be:
* Worldly infiltration
* Human contamination
* Satanic domination
* Antichrist intimidation.

The world must be kept away from the church and the church from the world.
From human contamination because man is dirty and defiled at heart and life.
In these last days, we need to hear His message before we see Him face to face.
All the shortcomings causing discouragement for new members of the church are not from Christ.

A. The Description And Perception Of The Unchangeable Christ. Revelation 2:18

Church leaders are described as angels because:
- Angels live in heaven, far above the generalities of the people, so their lives must be far better in holiness and righteousness, more than the common people. I Tim 3:1-7.

- Church leaders must be able to maintain discipline, law and order, and obedience to God's word in the family.

- Not a novice, that is, not a new convert.

- He must have a good report from those within and without.

The church belongs to Christ. The church is a group of people, an assembly, a congregation of saints - Psalm 87:5, 149:1.

"The church in Thyatira"
The church was located in Thyatira as the physical geographical location, but all the pollution in the city were not to be found in the church. Same way, though the church is in the world, yet it must be kept from the sinful practices of the world.

"These things says the Son of God" 

Jesus declared Himself as the Son of God - John 5:22-28. God the Father has committed all things, including the judgment of the world into the hands of the Son, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

"Who hath eyes like unto a flame of fire"
His eyes can see and penetrate everything. Nothing can be hidden from Him.

"And His feet are like fine brass" to trample upon the enemies of God.
"I know thy works"

Jesus Christ is omniscient. He knows all things about all the people, at all times. He knows what is in the secret and the open about the leaders of the churches:

1. Charity. I Corinthians 13:4-8

Never complain but conquer, not easily provoked. Leaders should first smile; love, show patience at home, then it will be easy to do same at church. We must do away with anger and have the gracious spirit. We should splash the love of God everywhere, on everyone we meet.

They should bear all things: enduring, persevering, charity never fails though money, beauty, properties fail.

"And service" Romans 12:1-2; Ephesians 6:6-7
We should work for God, not with eye service, but from the heart.

"And your faith" Romans 1:5.
Obedience to the faith (the word of God) among all nations.

"And patience" May we have grace to be patient with people, in problems, in perplexity and confusion. Joseph, the husband of Mary was patient enough to hear God speak to him about His plan in the pregnant state of his betrothed wife. We need to learn to be patient.

"And thy works" I Thessalonians 1:16
"And the last to be more than the first"

We can consecrate ourselves to do more this week than last week, this month more than last month to God, our spouses, our family, to others. We must build our faith to be stronger, and our patience to be more. We will smile, love, help, sympathise, evangelize, visit/follow up, sing more and more. I Thessalonians  4:1,10

B. The damnation and punishment of unrepentant corrupters. Revelation 2:20

"Notwithstanding, I have a few things against thee" Jesus Christ had the following against the church of Thyatira:

1. Charity without chastity

2. Service without sanctification

3. Faith without faithfulness (we must be faithful to God, in our marriage)

4. Patient without purity

5. More work without much watchfulness. Revelation 2: 20

6. Dedication without discipline.

Revelation 2:20-23
1. Defilement through a false preacher, be it man or woman. Revelation 2:14

2. Defiance of a filthy pervert (she was corrupt and defiling other people).

3. Damnation of the faltering prophet/prophetess. Revelation 2:22b

4. Doom of the false, fallen profligate. Revelation 2:23.

II Tim 3:13-14; Rom 2:4-5. God is patient and persevering, but His judgment will come when He has appointed. II Pet 2:1-3.
Revelation 20:11-15. The judgment is for small and great, and according to their works, hence, we must be steadfast and not allow anyone derailing us from the way of life.

C. The Dedication And Perseverance Of Unwavering Conquerors. Revelation 2:24-29.

Satan and his fallen angels have already missed heaven and would do everything possible to ensure we miss it too. We must persevere and be focused on heaven; no matter what problems/challenges we face in life. They are just for a temporary time.

1. Protection from the corrupters. Revelations 2:25

2. Perseverance until His coming.
Revelations 2:26-27

3. Promise for conquerors.

4. Possession in Christ. Revelations 2:28; Dan 12:3. We will shine as stars now and in eternity.

5. Priority of comprehension and consecration.
Revelations 2:29.

May God, in His infinite mercy, keep us from the defiling influences of the world.
May God help us to consecrate and work for Him MORE AND MORE. . .
May God please, keep and bless our daddy for us, as the number of his days, so shall his strength be in Jesus name. 

Written By:
 Kemisola Omoyiola is a born again, heaven-bound daughter of the Most High God, a worker in Deeper Life Bible Church, who earnestly desires to win souls through her write-ups.
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