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19 Importance Of Obedience

This post is a short excerpt from Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the presiding Pastor and founder of Salvation Ministries (Home of Success), during November edition of Days of Divine Encounter in the Church on Friday 04th November, 2016

1.  God can never give you an instruction that is impossible to obey - 1 John 5:3
- Before God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, he already provided him a lamb.

2.  Your success and blessing is in doing continually what He says - James 1:25.

3.  Your miracle is linked to an act of obedience.
- They needed wine in John 2:7, and Jesus instructed them to bring forth water.
4.  God will never advance you beyond your last obedience.

5.  Doing what He says is the proof that you truly trust Him - Numbers 23:19.

6.  Obedience is the proof of faith in Him Deuteronomy 28:2.

7.  Obedience schedules your season of blessings.

8.  You are rewarded doing his word Deuteronomy 28:1, Joshua 1:8

9.  God expects obedience - John 10:27.

10.  Obedience to His Word delivers from destruction - Psalms 119:92.

11. Obedience to His Word cleanses your mind and life - Psalms 119:9.

12. Every divine assignment will carry with it an instruction - Psalms 119:89.

13.  Obedience keeps you at the top - Deuteronomy 28:1.

14.  You prosper by obedience - Job 36:11.

15.   Obedience qualifies you for blessings - Luke 11:28.

16.  Obedience to His Word guarantees your personal safety Leviticus 25:18.
17.  Generations are blessed after you - Genesis 22:18

18.  Obedience creates your relationship with God - Luke 8:21.

19. Obedience brings pleasure to God - John 8:29.



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