Wednesday, 5 October 2016

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#Quotes From Pastor David Ibiyeomie During #OctoberDivineEncounter - Day 1

This post is a short excerpt from Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and presiding pastor of Salvation Ministry (Home Of Success) during the monthly 'Divine Encounter' with the theme: THE PROSPERITY OF THE RIGHTEOUS, day 1.

It is not your Location that prospers, It is His direction!

I listen during the programme with keen attention to the Pastor's teaching and must confess that I am guilty of one of the points he listed on the 'negative thoughts that hinders prosperity'. Let me say "inequality mentality", (this will be post of another day).

Now, let me remind you some of the great quotes he pointed out during his teaching and I believe you will learn one or two things out of it.

1.  It is not your location that determines your prosperity, it is His direction.

2.  Prosperity of the righteous is having God's ability  to meet not only your needs but the needs of mankind by God's own way.

3.  You can have money and not be prosperous.

4.  Poverty is not the sign of righteousness.

5. Wealth is man's capacity to think.

6.  The journey to prosperity begins from the hatred to poverty.

7.  Until you hate poverty, you will not succeed.

8.  The greatest revolution in a man's life is a change from the inside.

9.  Until there is change on the inside, there will never be prosperity on the outside.

10.  You become what you think.

11. Failure to see things in line with God's Word will keep you in perpetual  poverty.

12.  Only God's principle and wisdom can stand the test of time and guarantee lasting prosperity.

13.  Until your thinking changes, you can never be prosperous.

14.  Thinking is the most difficult work to do that's why many people avoid thinking.

15.  Ability to create wealth is determine by mental strength.

16.  Any action you show on the outside, is what you are in the inside.

17.  Blaming others is a sign of failure.

18.  The only limitation to your tomorrow is your doubts of today.

19.  Investing in knowledge pays the best interest.

20.  Do not fix your mind on your problems and needs but on God’s answer to them.

 21.  Your ability to make wealth is primarily from your mental health, and then physical strength.

22.  Do not fix your mind on your problems and needs but on God’s answer to them.

*Powerful message*


  1. This is powerful indeed, thanks for sharing it for us