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Believers' Victory Over Gentile Abomination - I Samuel 30:18

“And David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away....”
David pursued and recovered all, what did he lose? Part of what he lost were his two wives. What have we lost? We are more particular here about the spiritual losses much more than the physical.

“And David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away....” David pursued and recovered all, what did he lose? Part of what he lost were his two wives. What have we lost? We are more particular here about the spiritual losses much more than the physical. I Sam 30:18b. David recovered two, among his other numerous wives. Judges 8:30. Gideon, the mighty man of valour had 70 children by virtue of his many wives.  I Kings 11:3. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines., kumuyi ibiyeomie

I Sam 30:18b. David recovered two, among his other numerous wives.
Judges 8:30. Gideon, the mighty man of valour had 70 children by virtue of his many wives.
I Kings 11:3. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Many great men and women in Scripture had victory over their human enemies but did not have victory over their flesh. They flagrantly indulged in the heathen practices of their days: polygamy, idolatry, greed, filthy lucre, etc. As believers, we should know that we are not fighting physical enemies but our flesh, the devil and the world. Thanks be to God who already gave us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. The commandments of God are not grievous, He has given us grace to obey them. As believers, born of God, we have overcome the world. I John 5:3-4.

People go to conventions, camp meetings, retreats, they fast 7 days and more to have victory over their enemies in the family, neighborhood, office, and business places. The true victory we need is over all the deeds of the flesh and gentile abominations.

2 Pet 2:19. Victory over the corruption of the world.

 2 Pet 2:20. Many were saved and victorious over the pollution of the world but later backslid, we should strive hard to make our victory over the flesh permanent.

Revelations 3:5. He that overcometh..... It is the desire of God that we overcome. Great reward awaits all overcomers.

There is so much perversion in marriage and so much pollution in the family today. We need to have victory in all of these areas as believers.

A.    The Abomination And Perversion Of Great Men:

Great men and women are very influential. They have a way of setting the standard for others directly or indirectly. Many follow and take after some great men of God who are having challenges in their marriages and private life. But we should know that great people are not infallible, the Bible says they are not always wise Job 32:9.
We cannot live our lives following the example of these people, they are not our perfect example, and their lives are riddled with flaws.

Jeremiah 5:4-5. Judgment of God upon erring great men and women.
I Kings 11:1-3. Solomon, a highly favoured and great king, loved and acquired 1,000 women! We must never copy the example of anyone, no matter how great, popular, important or close to us they are. King Solomon wasted a whopping portion of God-endowed resources in building high places for the strange gods of his strange, pagan wives! (God blessed him more than all the kings before and after him).
Jeremiah 5:9. And God was angry with Solomon because his heart was turned away from the Lord.

Jeremiah 5:11. And the judgment came.... The kingdom was to be torn from him and given to his servant.

Deuteronomy 7:3-4. There was a clear and direct warning from God against unequal yoke in marriage. We are to never allow our children to marry unbelievers. Never. At times they assure us, "we will bring them to the church, we will convert them" Solomon was not able to do it, no one will ever be able to do it. (And I add, prevention is better than cure. May God save us from everlasting sorrow).

Deuteronomy 17:14-19
- The one to be king over the people of God must never be a stranger, so he will not make the people to go back to Egypt (backsliding).

- He must not also multiply wives and wealth to himself, so that his heart is not turned away from God.
- He shall be given a copy of the law of God (Scripture) to be a guide to him.

Malachi 2:11-14
God is against unfaithfulness in marriage, divorce and re-marriage. We must not change our convictions to follow the pattern of any great personality, even if he or she is a leader in the church. Sin is sin, whoever is committing it. Polygamy is unscriptural, whoever is involved in it.
We must all note that the word of God is the final authority on any issue in our life, either on marriage, or any other aspect. Genesis 2:18, 24; Matt 19:4-6. From the beginning, God intended for man to have just ONE WIFE. Note the words: man - 1 husband; his wife - 1 woman. If God wanted men to have more than one wife, He would have created 2 or more women for Adam from the beginning to set a standard for all the men of the world. Luke 14:26. Note also the word 'wife', singular, not plural.

The word of God is consistent: polygamy is an aberration, abomination, pollution, heaven-bound believers must steer clear it.
Ephesians 5:28-31. God is totally for one man and one woman in marriage. No other way around it. Marriage depicts a picture of Christ and the church Ephesians 5:32-33; Revelations 19:7-8.

B. Divine Authority And Prescription For A Godly Marriage:
Psalm 138:2. The Lord has magnified His word higher than all His names. His names are greater than that of Solomon, David, etc. yet, He elevated His word above them. His word is the perfect precept for us to pattern our lives after. Psalm119:89. The word of God is settled in heaven forever.
There is clear instructions for men to stay with the wives of their youth, that is, their first wife. The word of God stands forever - no marriage with unbelievers. I Pet 1:24-25. The word of God endures forever.
The biggest cause of problem in marriage is lack of self-denial. When this is present, each person will bear with the shortcomings, deficiencies, disabilities of the other person.
If it is settled in our hearts that God is against divorce and remarriage, and we know that the responsibility to choose patiently in the will of God is ours, then we are careful because there is no way out except death does the couple apart. The word of God is the only divine authority on marriage.

Matthew 19:3-6. The wife must not be put away for any reason.
- Inability to keep the home well
- Inability to manage her business well
- Lack of children in the family
- Little or no education

All these and more are flimsy excuses which hold no water before God and are not enough reasons for divorce.
On the other hand, a woman is bound to her husband only as long as he is alive. She is free to remarry if he dies. A woman who marries another woman's husband when her husband is still alive is an adulteress, and vice-versa. No adulterer or adulteress will make heaven. Fasting and prayer, evangelism, running up and down in church activities will not receive divine approval. There is the need for restitution where necessary for cleansing and purging to take place.
People tend to change the word of God to suit their personal ambition and desires. Revelation 22:18-19. We must never pollute the word of God, either by adding to or removing from it.

Proverbs 30:5-6. Every word of God is pure on salvation, sanctification, purity, restitution, cross bearing, righteousness, monogamy, etc. God's judgment is upon anyone who mutilates the word of God. Modernity has not changed the word of God, God's word is the same forever.

Isaiah 30:9-10. The Christian race is not an easy one, it takes daily cross bearing to run it well. We must be willing to take caution and warning from the word of God. Guidance and correction too, Isaiah 30:20-21.

C.       Our Acknowledgement And Perseverance In The God-Given Message:

Proverbs 3:5-7. Every unequal yoke must be broken immediately.

I Kings 22:13-14. We must be willing to stand fast upon the word of God no matter whose ox is gored. We must dance to the tune of heaven only. Isaiah 8:20; Jeremiah 1:7, whatever the Lord send us we should speak.
Ezekiel 3:11. We must preach to sinners, whether they will hear or not. Men of God must not look at people's faces as they preach the truth. Acts 3:22, 4:19-20. We must obey God rather than men. We must have the boldness to speak the word of God always.

Hebrew 13:4. Marriage is honourable. No one should indulge in infidelity of any kind.
We must not be partakers of any one's sin. We must not support anyone divorcing and remarrying. We must not attend such ceremonies, no matter what excuse is tendered.

I Pet 3:1-6. Wives should not disrespect their husbands at home and reverence their pastors or overseers in the church, or obey and honour their bosses at work. They must honour and obey their husbands in the Lord.

I Pet 3:7. Husbands should love and deal with their wives with wisdom as weaker vessels so that their prayers be not hindered.
I Peter 3:8-12. Counsel to the unmarried.

Matthew 24:35. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but not a jot of the word of God shall go unfulfilled.
* We are to take the word of God with us everywhere we go.
* We are to be walking Bibles.
* We are to be the light of the world.
* The light of God must shine upon us brightly. 

May we be hearers and doers of God's word.

May God Almighty please, keep our Father in the Lord, Shepherd and Intercessor for us. Amen.

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 Kemisola Omoyiola is a born again, heaven-bound daughter of the Most High God, a worker in Deeper Life Bible Church, who earnestly desires to win souls through her write-ups.

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