Sunday, 14 August 2016

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David Ibiyeomie's #Quotes on 'Instruments For Answered Prayers'

Prayer is a means of communicating with God. But we can not communicate with God with a dirty heart.

      In the post, you are going to discover 13 powerful quotes from Pastor and founder of Salvation Ministries, Pastor  David Ibiyeomie  on the message: "Instruments For Answered Prayers"

1. Prayer is communicating with God based on His Word and your relationship with Him.

2.  Result-oriented prayers must be Word-based for God to be committed to answering them - Hosea 14:2.

3.  The Word of God is what validates prayers. 'Wordless' prayers are worthless and ineffective.

4.  Instruments for Answered Prayers are covenant tools that need to be possessed for prayers to be answered.

5.  No prayer can be effective until it is heartfelt.

6.  Your prayer must be heartfelt for it to produce results.

7.  Prepare your heart before you open your mouth to pray.

8.  God will only be attentive to prayers that comes from the heart - Psalm 130:1-2.

9.  Your heart is God's primary focus when you are praying.

10.  When praying, your heart and mouth have to be in Holy matrimony to produce results.

11.  God will look into your heart to move His mighty hands towards your direction - 2 Chronicles 16:9.

12.  God gauges your motive before He answers your prayer; only motives in-line with His Word   produce answered prayers.

13.  God will not bless you if your motive is to show-off, He blesses you to promote His Kingdom.

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