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UPDATED: 5 Things That Make People Cry

3 Things That Make People Cry
UPDATED ON 10:04:2017

Life is full of challenges and obstacles. Those who are whole do not know what the needy are passing through in life neither do they acknowledge that assisting or encouraging will go a long way in providing succor to them.
The scripture clearly states in Proverbs 26:2 that “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.”
As the above scripture said, nothing happens in life without a cause. In fact, many people passed through different challenges in life in every second of the day but in all, there are three main things that make people to cry in life.

Many people, it could be your parents, wife, husband, sibling, relative or neighbor, have being crying secretly all the day long without your notice as a result of one challenge or the other.
For some people, it could be in their business, for others in family, etc. in whatever way, a day never pass without them crying.

In this short post, I will like us to look at three main things that are the cause of those tear in their eyes.
       1.       Sickness:
Sickness brings its victim closer to the grave. It is deadly. There are many cases of people in the Bible, and none of them ever be happy until them were healed from such sickness. The woman with the issue of blood, the man at the pool, the blinds, the lame, etc. these people passed through different challenges in their body and are always crying for healing and deliverance.
Job was also in such situation that his wife became frustrated and gave him an ill advice to curse God, and die, Job2:9.

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      2.       Poverty:
This is the state of lack or scarcity of livelihood. Some people are mentally poor, some are materially poor as well in whatever way, a poor man is never happy, he is always in sorrow. Someone said, ‘a poor does not know his rights.’ And I concur to his. A poor man will do nothing when the rich take what belongs to him. When a man is not able to discharge which right in the family, I say; he is poor. Poverty is the means devil mock a man.

       3.       Barrenness:
When something is unable to conceive or reproduce, we say that thing is barren.
It could happen in animals, trees or human being.
In fact, Jesus Christ at one point cursed a tree he found barren. Barrenness attracts mockery, gossips, hatred, etc. to its victim. When Jesus came to Bethany and saw a tree of which he expected to see  fruits a he was hungry but found non this warranted his to lay a curse “on that tree that no man eat fruit of the hereafter forever…” (Mark 11:12-14).

4. Failure:
This make people to secretly cry on daily bases. Men, women and children: All cry when they find out that they are trading on the path of failure. Many suicide/suicide attempts  we are witnessing today is as the result of failure in one area or the other.

Many couple today are crying in their closet as a result of this, barrenness. If you can get very close to barren couples, you will find out that the wife is always in tears and pain and the man never cease to think about his life.
Barrenness attracts negative names like some will call the wife ‘a man’. The woman is always at the receiving end. In Bible days, Sarah, Hannah, etc. passed through this challenge. In face the Bible said that Hannah will miss food because of her barrenness.

5. Many people also cry not because they are weak but because they have endured for too long.
In all, Jesus is the answer to everything that makes you to shed tears.


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  1. People cry when their basic needs aren't met.