Happy New Month Everyone!

Happy New Month Everyone!

Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes you wonder what for. Sometimes when you try to get up, you fall. Sometimes you succeed in your effort. Sometimes you feel disappointed. Sometimes you don't want to try to get up anymore. But remember, when you're down, the only way left to go is UP! Get Up. Keep believing! Fly!

May this month of MARCH bring all the good things of life to you.

Happy new month!

#Inspiration Of The Day

The is just a picture but in it are great words that can keep you away from distress and trouble.

#Inspiration Of The Day

"Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience."

"Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand up on your own two feet."

"Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion."

"Anything that has power over you is teaching you how to take your power back."

"Anything you hate is teaching you unconditional love."

"Anything you fear is teaching you courage to overcome your fear."

"Anything you can't control is teaching you how to let go."

I hope you fined these words of Jackson Kiddard very helpful as I do?

15 Powerful #Quotes of Prophet T.B Joshua

Here are fifteen powerful wise word of Prophet T.B Joshua the  General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) and the owner of Emmanuel TV Lagos, Nigeria.

Here are fifteen powerful wise word of Prophet T.B Joshua the  General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) and the owner of Emmanuel TV Lagos, Nigeria.    1.  If you must have faith, you must learn to hear God's Word. Through hearing, belief comes; through believing, trust comes and through trusting, confidence is established.     2.  When God called His children out of Egypt, He made a promise of healing and deliverance with them. Today is your day of healing. Right now, begin to receive your healing -spirit, soul and body. Be healed in Jesus' name!     3.   When the Word of God is planted in our hearts, that is only when it can become health to our flesh, light to our path, bread to the hungry, map to the lost, keys to closed doors.        4.  You need to believe that what you are asking of God is already received now because very much is promised to our believing.        5.  When Jesus comes into our lives, He puts an end to our past life of suffering, want, sickness and poverty.         6.  What a GOD we have to worship. What a SON we have to praise.What a FUTURE lies before us!     7. When the Word is settled in our hearts it becomes an instrument for the Holy Spirit to use to heal, bless and deliver us.     8.  Any time you allow yourself to think and talk positively - you act positively.     9.  It is essential that every Christian is free of offence. Offence opens the door to the situation you are facing.     10.  God listens to you as you pray, and replies in relation to the state of your heart. We are made in our heart to be like Jesus.      11.  If you honour iniquity in your heart, Jesus will not hear you. If you hold offence in your heart, such as bitterness, anger, hatred, don’t be surprised if the Bible has no meaning to you.      12.  If you hold grudges, don’t be surprised that your prayer will not be accepted.     13.  As a Christian, tribulation will test you, sickness will test you; but cannot destroy you. Whatever brought you here is what God will use to preserve you, to keep you for a new level in life.     14.  There is only one person who can take you away from the will of God, and that person is yourself.         15.  Healing, deliverance and all of God's blessings are hindered by the way and manner we go about the issue of money. No one can give money from his heart before healing and anything that is not from the heart is sin. Anybody that gives money before healing is giving it on condition. Healing and God's blessings should not be exchanged with money. When we give freely as we have been given freely by God, God will raise His people to bless us abundantly

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