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Why We Built A New Deeper Life Bible Church Headquarters - Pastor Kumuyi

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 will witness the inauguration of the newly completed headquarters building of the Deeper Life Bible Church in Gbagada, Lagos as the Nigeria Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, some state governors, dignitaries within and outside the country will attend the inauguration of the Church headquarters.

In a statement released by the General Superintendent of the church, Pastor William F. Kumuyi, he commended leaders and members of the church worldwide, whose contributions saw the completion of the project.

The construction lasted for a little over a decade.

“I just want to thank God and, at the same time, commend every member of the Deeper Life Bible Church in Nigeria and beyond, for their patience all through the years the project lasted. Their contributions in terms of finance and human resources despite the challenging times have been heart-warming and praise-worthy,” the cleric said.

The General Superintendent explained that the edifice is not a show of riches or worldly advertisement of any kind, but a project borne out of a genuine desire to give God the best.

According to him, “The project is not, in any way, an advertisement of self or riches. It is served to accelerate the earnest fulfillment of the Great Commission. There are no riches to advertise anyway because the resources came from all strata of membership of the church. Everyone contributed his or her mite. It was a determination to give God the very best.

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“When you read through the scriptures, you find that tabernacles were huge edifices that evoked the aura of the Almighty. When you read about the nature of the building that King Solomon built for God, it was magnificent and befitting of worship of the Owner of the whole universe.

“We in Deeper Life Bible Church believe in preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and we hope that the new building will attract people who ordinarily may not think of coming to hear the word of God. And the Bible tells us that one soul is greater in value than all the riches of the world put together. So then, if by putting up the building, a soul is saved from the fury of hell fire, we would have achieved God’s goal.”

Kumuyi stated that the 35,000-seat edifice and the already commissioned car park, bridge and traffic lights around the auditorium were completely funded through the contributions of members of the church.

Why We Built A New Deeper Life Bible Church Headquarters - Pastor Kumuyi

Pastor Adeboye Commemorate With Israel As They Celebrates 70 Years Independence

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God [RCCG], Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye has taken to social media to congratulate the people of Israel as they celebrate their 70 years Independence anniversary.

Pastor Adeboye Commemorate With Israel As They Celebrates 70 Years Independence

In a Hebrew language, he said:

"שבעים שנה מאושרת לעם ישראל, אנו נשארים עומדים איתכם כאומה אשר אדוננו ישוע המשיח נולד בה. ברכותינו."

Translated from Hebrew by Microsoft

"Seventy years are happy for the people of Israel, we remain standing with you as a nation that our Lord Jesus Christ was born in. Congratulations."

Pastor Adeboye Commemorate With Israel As They Celebrates 70 Years Independence

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Why Pastor Adeboye won’t make heaven. - OAP Freeze outlines reasons (video)

In a video captioned, "Addressing Adeboye’s false claim that you won’t make heaven if you don't pay tithe",  Freeze listed reasons why he believes it is pastor Adeboye himself who will not make heaven.

why Pastor Adeboye won’t make heaven. - OAP Freeze outlines reasons (video)

The Keypoints he gave are listed below.
1. Leading children astray
Quoting Luke 17:1 - 3 Freeze said,
Jesus said to his disciples, 'Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come. It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.'
So, watch yourselves. Enoch watch yourself.
2. Turning Stone to bread.
Freeze quoted Matthew 4:3, saying:
The tempter came to him and said, ‘If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.
They read their Bible like textbooks but they say I’m the one that reads Bible like text… I read the Bible spiritually and I’ll explain to you.
The stones he was talking about are human beings, not stones. Many times in the Bible stones were actually human beings.
Turning stones to bread is turning human beings to money. If you do this, you cannot make Heaven. Stop turning stones to bread. Jesus rejected the temptation, why are Nigerian GOs falling for this temptation of the devil?

3. Subjecting people to the curse of the law.
Freeze said: He is subjecting people to the curse of the law by telling them to pay tithe. There is not space for tithing in the grace.
Some people will now come and tell you that tithing was before the law. Oh yes, it was before the law but it was also before the promise and everything before the promise is of no consequence to Christianity.
Our promise with father Abraham started in Genesis 17. In Genesis 16, Abraham had Ishmael. In Genesis 17, when he was 99, Abraham was promised of Issac and his name was changed from Abram to Abraham.
So, whatever Abraham did as Abram in Genesis 14, when he gave tithe to Melchizedek is of no consequence to Christianity.
4. Another reason why Freeze believes Adeboye won't make heaven is that he is a teacher of the law.

Mathew 23:13 and verse 15 proves that anyone who teaches the law is not going to heaven.
5. Freeze said Adeboye won't make haven because he disobeys Jesus

He disobeys Jesus and our first pastors and he makes us obey Malachi. Malachi is not a Christian verse. how dare you.
Watch the video below:

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#StopTheSoot: The 10 Worst Toxic Substances In The Fossil Fuel Industry

The fossil fuel industry, that is oil, gas and coal, uses hundreds of more or less toxic chemicals. Here is a dirty ten, the worst ever.

Burning fossil energy sources to produce heat or electricity does not just harm the climate. Even if you do not believe in the correlation between CO2 and climate, in fact, you should be very careful about the oil, gas and coal supply chain that, from extraction to combustion, uses hundreds, if not thousands, of chemicals dangerous to humans and for the environment.
And when toxic substances are not used to extract or process fuels, it is often the waste or by-product.
For this reason CleanTechnica has wisely drawn up the list of the ten worst substances of the glorious world of hydrocarbons and coal. Unable to establish an order of danger or pollution, they are all dangerous substances that should not come into contact with your body or the environment.
1.  Benzene:

It is used as a solvent for the extraction and processing of oil, coal and methane and we find it in many petrochemical products. It is a known carcinogen, causing leukemia, breast cancer and the urogenital system. It slows the production of white and red blood cells and is suspected of causing sperm malformations in men.

Between 1950 and 1980, just to give an example, the American military at the Camp Lejune base in California drank without knowing it was contaminated with benzene. Starting from the 70s they began to develop tumors, to record genetic malformations in children or spontaneous abortions.

2.3. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides (SO2 and NOx)

SO2 and NOx are produced in abundance by the combustion of coal in power plants and by the processing of oil in refineries. In addition to causing problems to the respiratory tract they have the habit of being often associated with numerous tumors, cardiopulmonary diseases, heart attacks.
In particular, SO2 is very dangerous for children, which causes asthma attacks. NOx, however, penetrate into the lung tissue and damage it, causing irreversible damage. Inhalation is associated with bronchitis and emphysema.

The American Journal of Public Health published a report in 2009 showing that high levels of SO2 from oil refining were found in the air of Richmond's California home. City not far from four major refineries. The health result is that the inhabitants of Richmond often deal with various diseases including stroke and asthma.

4) Petroleum Coke (Pet coke)

The pet coke, in essence, is the waste of the waste from the processing of oil and oil sands. It is a powder that resembles coal and contains dozens of toxic chemicals, heavy metals such as chromium and vanadium, sulfur and selenium.

Unfortunately, there are still a few health studies on pet coke. But ask those who live near the cement factories, where it is burned because it costs very little (it is a dangerous waste, even if they call it "fuel"), or ask the inhabitants of Gela, where they use the pet coke produced by the Eni refinery to feed the 250 MW power plant of the refinery itself.

The answers will not be very favorable to the use of pet coke ... Good or bad, it is no coincidence that Eni recently decided to cover part of the deposit of this "fuel" to prevent the wind from transporting it to the city. And there will be a reason.

5) Formaldehyde
Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, mainly causing leukemia and rarely also nasopharyngeal tumors. It also causes allergies and is genotoxic. According to studies, the increase in spontaneous abortions, malformations, poor birth weight, infertility. What's more: DNA alterations.

It is normally used when fracking, ie when fracturing with pressure water and chemicals the rock and the clay in the subsoil to free the methane gas trapped in the wells. It is not strange that the oil industry vigorously denies the use of formaldehyde in large quantities in the drilling operations of oil and gas wells.

6) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
PAHs are a whole class of harmful chemical compounds, all of which have more or less the same effects on human health. Bad: they are carcinogenic, they cause genetic mutations, prenatal problems. The unborn children whose mothers have been exposed to PAHs often suffer from asthma, poor birth weight, cardiac malformations and genetic damage.

Researchers at Columbia University in a 2012 study found a strong correlation between prenatal exposure to PAHs and subsequent childhood depression: some newborns had high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the umbilical cord.

#StopTheSoot: The 10 Worst Toxic Substances In The Fossil Fuel Industry

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Popular Comedian KO Baba React to Port Harcourt Talent hunt Organigers Who Don't Pay Their Prize Money

It is now becoming normal to some talent hunt organisers across the country not to pay their prize money  stipulated for the winner of the competition.

Popular Comedian KO Baba React to Port Harcourt Talent hunt Organigers Who Don't Pay Their Prize Money

Anyway, popular Nigerian comedian, KO Baba did not see it as normal, hence, he used social media to advised anyone who partake in any talent hunt in Port Harcourt starting from May 2018, and they don't pay their prize money to contact him directly.

Though the multi-talented comedian warned that the above exclude Beauty Pageant.

Below is what he posted:

"Well, from May 2018, you partake in any talent hunt in Port Harcourt and they don't pay your prize money. Contact me, plz this exclude Beauty pageant. No careless playing around anymore"

[Video] “God banned my friend’s wife from heaven for failing to pay tithe” - RCCG pastor defends Pastor Adeboye

Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor, Mike Nwanegbo has defended the general overseer of the church, Enoch A. Adeboye who was caught on video saying anyone who doesn’t pay tithe would not enter heaven.

[Video] “God banned my friend’s wife from heaven for failing to pay tithe” - RCCG pastor defends Pastor Adeboye

According to Nwanegbo, his friend’s wife was in a vision where she was barred from entering heaven because she wasn’t a tither. He criticised unconventional and controversial pastor Sunday Adelaja for faulting Adeboye’s “tithe for heaven” conclusion.

Is this generation Churches talk and care only about money?

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Christ's Heavenly Virtue Of Humble Servant-Hood - by Pastor Kumuyi

John 13:1-17
We should note that only John recorded the events in chapters 13,14,15, 16 and 17. The events are special and sublime and the Lord is teaching us great things through them.

John 13:1. Now before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that his hour was come that he should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end.

The Lord was very close to His betrayal by Judas Iscariot and crucifixion, whereas, the disciples were more concerned about the positions they would occupy, Matthew 20:20-28. The mother of two of them, came to ask of Jesus that her sons, James and John would sit on either side of Him in His Kingdom. The other disciples, hearing this were indignant, and it caused arguments among them on who should be the greatest among them. But Jesus said, whosoever will be greatest among them should be the servant to all. He said this, seeing that all He has taught them on humility have not sunk deep into their hearts. So He decided to demonstrate it to them practically.
John 13:1-5. Here Jesus carried out the duties of servants and slaves in homes. He did this to teach them humility by example.


Jesus knew His time was drawing closer. He loved His disciples, even to the end. So we ought to love one another. Despite the fact that death was ahead of Him, as well as Judas' betrayal, yet He had time to love.
John 3:35. Jesus knew He was King in whose hands the Father had committed everything, yet He condescended low to wash His disciples' feet. So also today, there must not be discrimination among the brethren, irrespective of their status: high/low, rich/poor. We should do all things together in unity and oneness.

15:13. Jesus had all things, yet, He was humble. If we have lands, houses, countless properties, will we still be humble? May we posses this virtue in Jesus name.
vs 4. They were at supper when Jesus got up, took a basin and poured water. He did not send any of the disciples on any errand.

vs 5. He began to wash the feet of the disciples. Ideally, it is the responsibility of servants to pour water and wash feet as seen in I Samuel 25:41: And she arose, and bowed herself on her face to the earth, and said, Behold, let thine handmaid be a servant to wash the feet of the servants of my lord.
But Jesus, who is Lord, did it for His disciples.

John 13:13. We need to be humble, and at the same time, we must know our position, so our humility should be deliberate. We do not need to practice washing of feet literally to prove our humility, but to concede honour to one another.

Phil 2:4-9. Jesus did not select or discriminate among His disciples, He washed the feet of them all. He also humbled Himself, and left His glory to come and die for the world. We must not carry or exalt our titles above others.
vs 9. What does God do to humble people? He exalts them. When we humble ourselves, we do not lose anything, we stand to gain more. Matt 23:12.
Salvation is key to being humble. No one can be humble without the grace of God which comes through genuine salvation. And even though the disciples were born again, they still needed to be taught on humility.

Luke 10:17-20: Evidence that they were born again - their names were written in heaven.
John 13:1. They were His own, they belonged to him, hence, they were born again. So, the humility we are talking about is that of children of God, not the superficial one.
John 14:17, 17:8-10, 14-16. Salvation is very crucial. You get born again first, before you can be genuinely humble. Humility is an heavenly virtue, not earthly.


Peter refused the Lord to wash his feet. Some people are like this, they are always claiming to have a mind of their own on every issue, always wanting to stand apart from others. This is not right. Just as cassava and yams from farms A, B and C, are no longer identifiable after being pounded together, so should we be united as one, as children of God.

13:8. Peter did not understand this, so he still refused. Then Jesus told him that if he did not wash his feet, he would not have a part of him.

13:9-11. That was when he surrendered his feet to be washed.

1. Consecration Before Understanding: This was the problem of Peter. He didn't understand, hence he would not cooperate. Some Christians decide to stand apart, different from others, claiming they do not understand what is going on. Jesus had not washed His disciples' feet before, yet He expected them to submit to Him, as their Master, John 12:16; Micah 4:2. Though they knew not the thought of the Lord, yet they ought to obey and follow through.

Heb 11:8. Abraham did not understand God's ways and will, yet, He followed His leading. Today, when God's words come to us, we must promptly obey.

Proverbs 3:5. We must trust the Lord, and lean not on our own understanding.
On our part, waiting to understand everything about God's way before obeying shows lack of sanctification, consecration, circumcision of the heart, self crucifixion, heavenly mindedness, and total freedom from depravity.

2. Condemnation Of An Unbending Will:  At times, we need to look at our lives and check the wrong attitudes. Matthew 16:21-22. Peter had this peculiar weakness of not understanding things before reacting, despite the fact that he and two other disciples were with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration, and several other places where other disciples were not, yet he rebuked Jesus that He would not go to the cross.

Acts 10:13-16. Peter here also refused to obey a vision even though it was given to him from heaven. He said, Not so, Lord. This is after he had been baptized in the power of the Holy Ghost. All unbending will, will eventually lead to hell fire.

3. Consequence Of Seeming Acts Of Self Will:
Loss of -
i. Partnership with Christ
ii. Acceptance and recognition
iii. Benefits of conversion
iv. Previous promise of reigning with Christ
v. Future revelation and impatartion from Christ.
vi. Heaven eventually.

Those who are truly converted and consecrated to Christ are totally obedient to Him. No one has the liberty to pick and choose what to obey, and what not to obey. Do not say, 'this small thing', 'this little thing'. There is no little part of the word of God. Every part of the word of God is important.


13:17. If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them. May the blessedness of obedience be our portion in Jesus name.
Matthew 11:29. Jesus is meek and lowly. We must pray to be like Him.
Luke 14:11. Those who boast, "I am tough and difficult" are actually proud and arrogant. They will be abased if they fail to repent.

John9:23. Do not deny the word of God, no matter how small, rather, deny yourself, take up your cross, and daily follow the Lord.

12:47-48. Unto whom much is given, of him shall much be required. We must be humble in heart, disposition and behavior. We must be self-sacrificing and constantly evaluate ourselves. Genuine salvation and sanctification will give us this kind of heart.

Apostle Peter, who is now old and knows the importance of humility and submission to God counsels us (the rich, poor, high and low, men and women) thus in I Peter 5:5-6 Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:
James 4:6,10. God resists the proud and gives more grace to the humble. We should allow God to do the lifting up as we submit ourselves to Him.

Revelation 22:14. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
We are blessed when we hear the teaching of the words of God and obey.

Christ's Heavenly Virtue Of Humble Servant-Hood -  by Pastor Kumuyi

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