Wednesday, 17 January 2018

KO Baba Announced His Special Prayer Submit Titled: POWER CAMP UP 18

Prayer is the key for success in life and anyman that neglects the power of prayer neglects the secret of success.

Popular comedian, KO Baba Jorsen used his social media accounts to announce  his yearly prayer and fastinf with his Talkaholic Crew.

According to the multi-talented entertainer, "every year, I gather with some group of comedians for three days. We fast, pray, Clergymen and some Professionals come speak to us and create personal career strategy for the year."

Furthermore, he revealed in his post that  "this year will create opportunity for fans to drop a constructive suggestions for us"

The prayer meeting which is meant for only with some of the comedians is schedule to start from January 23rd to 25th, 2018.

KO Baba Announced His Special Prayer Programme Titled: POWER CAMP UP 18

Top 5 Port Harcourt Male Gospel Artists To Watch Out For In 2018

If you are conversant with events in the city of  Port Harcourt and pay attention to local artists in these events, then, you will agree with us that the city is blessed with  talents in the entertainment industry.

We carefully examined the male artists (gospel artists to be precise), we therefore came up with these five artists though it was not easy for BelieveAll.Com crew to do.

Below are the top 5 Port Harcourt male gospel artists to watch out for in 2018:

Ebi Joseph

Ebi Joseph is a rapper, singer, songwriter and an entrepreneur. He is a graduate from Niger Delta University of Bayelsa State  where he studied Office and Information Management. 

Wonder hit single which was released late last year, but still working on other projects that will be out this year.

The Jara artist exclusively told BelieveAll.Com  that his fans should expect "more songs, and you guys should look forward to my upcoming concert "Rap Christ Episode 2"

August Chuks
Osakwe August hukwuma (August Chuks) is currently working under Dexterville records.

Delta State born artist told us that his love for performing art made him choose the music.

Gift Banks

Prinx Emmanuel

Sammy Hart
Rivers State born artist told us that he will 'be working with a new producer named Kkardiak and they're coming with a unique and rare sound. Basically, he should be rapping to some Untapped genres. Lyrically ; as usual, we should be expecting more thought provoking, mind reframing and  deep lyrics.

He also told BelieveAll.Com that we should expect more videos and  more collaborations this year 2018.

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NOTE: This is our top 5 artists we will tracking this year. That does not mean they are the only artists in Port Harcourt.

You can still suggest other artists you will like us to add to list.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Revival Fire - By Pastor Daniel Nnabugwu

Everyone needs revival. When your life is on fire for God, you will not struggle with dominion. When there is no revival in a church, the church becomes a social gathering.

If we are going to move in a realm that is not normal we need revival. Revival is simply God coming down. (Isaiah 64:1-3).

God promised to baptize us with fire (Matthew 3:11 ). When our hearts are so cold, we are not useful.

When you discover that spiritual things are no longer desirable to you, you need revival. When sin becomes so easy for you to do, you need revival. When people are comfortable doing what is wrong in your presence, something is not right with you, you need a change.

How do we experience revival:

1. Get it right with God. We cannot afford to depend on our righteousness, set things in order. (1 Kings 18:30-39, Isaiah 64:5-6)

2. Partnership with God’s people (Isaiah 64:7) Negatives are developed in the dark, sin eats you up as long as you keep it private. Pray for God to connect you to people that will direct you to the light. Fellowship with people can save you from danger. Make it easy for people to minister to you.

3. Be available to God. People who are available to God are not many; choose to be available to God this year. It’s in your being available that you will see the glory of God. When God tells you to do something and you do, He will give you something else.

You will keep struggling to hear God, if you live in perpetual disobedience. We are too focused on ourselves; God will not play second fiddle, as long as He is not number one, you will not see His power.

 Revival Fire - By Pastor Daniel Nnabugwu

Monday, 15 January 2018

Daring The Most High God? - Pastor Adeboye

Yet they tempted and provoked the most high God, and kept not his testimonies: Psalm 78:56

Open Heaven 15 January 2018 Bible Reading: Daniel 3:14-30

“Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands?” – Isaiah 45:9

Whenever I read the words of this scripture above, I tremble. It is quite astonishing to see mere mortals “flexing muscles” with the One who made them. You can be a ‘dare-devil’, but you better not dare the Almighty God; the end result will always be catastrophic for you


Today’s Bible text narrates a classical example of someone who dared to challenge his Maker: King Nebuchadnezzar. When Nebuchadnezzar commanded all to bow before the golden image he had set up, the Hebrew boys refused to bow, daring the devil in King Nebuchadnezzar.

In response, Nebuchadnezzar dared the God of heaven and threw His children into the fiery furnace in defiance of God’s supremacy.

However, the God of those Hebrew boys, who is also the God of all flesh, showed up in the furnace and rescued His children. It is unfortunate that those who, by the order of the king, threw them into the fiery furnace were all burnt to ashes.

I decree that as it happened to those who threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace, so shall it be to all the enemies of God in your life in Jesus’ Name.

Although Nebuchadnezzar temporarily repented of his folly after witnessing the awesome power of God, he still got a taste of God’s punishment down the line: he was turned into a beast for a season (Daniel 4:28-37)!

May those who are challenging the Almighty God in your life be like Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaoh, Herod and all those who dared the King of glory throughout history.

How can a mere mortal possibly challenge the Almighty God? It seems ridiculous, but amazingly, this happens on a daily basis in the world that we live in today.

We see nations making law against the natural order set by God, judges redefining marriage contrary to what the Almighty God Himself instituted, and people calling to question the very existence of God. Such attitudes are not new.
This defiant trend has persisted throughout all of history, but the sponsors of such assault on the Divine have always paid dearly for their actions. Are you daring God in any way? I hope your answer is no.

Please, never you dare the Almighty God, not even through subtle disobedience. May the Lord cause you to be wise enough never to dare Him.

Open Heaven 15 January 2018 Prayer Point: Father, please remove folly far away from me so that I may not challenge You to a fight through disobedience

Saturday, 13 January 2018

The Spirit Life - By Pastor Lanre Oluseye

'You must evolve if you are going to emerge and become all that God wants you to be.' This message can be repeated for centuries but will never be fully achieved with will power alone.

There are things that effort cannot deliver, things that can only be achieved through the help of God's spirit. To make this possible, you must develop your human spirit.

 Unfortunately, many are too focused on their mind and body at the detriment of their human spirit.

We are so focused with painting the house with little concern for who occupies the house.

It's not wrong to care for your body because this is the shelter that houses your spirit. But it becomes a problem when a greater part of your attention is set on your mind and body alone.

Many others have invested in their mind. They spend hours developing their mind by reading books, attending trainings and attaining degrees.

The biggest problem believers have is hearing directly from God. This is because the human spirit has not been taught or educated like the human body and mind.

The human spirit is the real you. The character of your human spirit is the character of your life. Whoever controls your human spirit, controls your life.

You cannot afford to live life like the unbelievers. This is the state of the unbelievers. A life of darkened understanding, lasciviousness and greed.

Being born again should not be a trend. It is not a title that comes from the church you attend. It is the product of an intense experience with God.

How to get born Again?
1. Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised you from the dead.
2. Renounce your past.

Why is it difficult for you to hear directly from God? Your spirit is not trained and so is not sensitive to the voice of God.

Train your spirit through Obedience in the small things. God can't speak to you about big things of you can't pay attention to the little things.

You must have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Take conscious steps to train your spirit and study the word.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Pastors In Nigeria Are Quiet At The Killings Of Northern Christians, I Don't Fear Media Or Arrest: Shame on them - Apostle Johnson Suleman

Following the continuous killing of Christians in the Northern Nigeria, the  founder and president of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman has taken wipe at the pastor in Nigeria over their inability to say the truth because they are "afraid of arrest".

The fiery minister also said in his tweet that these Pastors are quiet because media has been set up against them. Past

"Pastors in nigeria are quiet at the killings of northern christians cos dey are afraid of arrest and media been set up against them.Shame."

In another tweet he revealed that 'he is not afraid of the media or arrest or any threat to his life.

I don't fear media or arrest..not any threat. Am born for this. I will fight those who fight Christians and true Christians will join me.

 See the screenshot of the tweet below:

I don't fear media or arrest..not any threat. Am born for this.I will fight those who fight Christians and true Christians will join me.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Grow Your Fee - By KObaba Jornsen

I remember finishing a training session and a friend of mine; Oruz Kennedy asked a question, that question has made me develop a training series that i want to share briefly.

I want to say that financial independence comes by improving your performance and visibility with an intent of improving your pay and profitability. You can place a higher bill than what you are getting now, but I need to mention that you have to prove your value in order to prompt such positive response to your demand. Look around and you will see that lots of us (career people) started for free, then freewill, then a fee, more fee and much more fee. What has happened is that as we keep improving, proving our worth with good performance, we made a case for a good pay.

Its also good to say that your improvement must first reflect on your output before it reflects on your income. If your clients notice that you do what you do better, and you have the guts to quote a higher fee, you will get paid and get better pay as a result of that fact. Give people reasons why you deserve better, then they can accept to offer something better.

Secondly, integrity is in the circle of scarcity, and you all know that scarcity inflates cost, people with high level of integrity are scarce. Please, be honest, punctual, committed, open and accountable; it will help you whether you are a career person or an entertainer, this is a universal standard. Let your improvement come with lots of integrity, most people will easily hire who they have observed to be honest. They will pay for your being a man that matches word with action. A man once told me that the only reason he can't change his mechanic is that he is honest. Integrity has a way of making you deserve more.

Thirdly, I want to say that branding is power. Please don't be too casual that you don't know how to create a perspective and proposition that sales you good. The common terms that we use is 'packaging', so let me say package better if you want to show that you deserve better 'package'. A branded coverall, customized tools, car, Personal assistant, cozy office, classy business card, a smart look always, a good trademark, etc. can make a client perceive you better and bigger, then they will want to pay better.

Client Loyalty is my fourth point that can help you make more and much money. Keep the people you service forever or for a long term. Imagine if you are a blogger and the companies you blogged for have been with you for years and you have the ones who just came in. Same thing for a comedian, musician, graphics expert, dancer or cinematographer. You didn't do a one off and no more.

You satisfied them, maintained contact, made them keep calling you. I remember one of my clients was a N50,000 patron, now I do three gigs for more than a million naira every year. What happened was that i kept satisfying the client, retained the client and gave them reasons why I deserved much more. Loyal clients are the surest bet to referrals, please find out and you will understand this fact.

I want to end on this note and make this brief because I am talking about getting better pay.

Marketing makes you get more; this means you must consciously find a way to brand, promote, position, price well, get paid and make investment that will make you popular. Popular people in every field have an advantage that makes them deserve more. A good marketing strategy can bring you popularity, whether its slow but steady.

Please, 2018 comes with lots of promises, and you can get better pay, but let's do what we are supposed to do to make it happen. Thanks and expect success!

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